Manchester to Nuremburg on a Phenom 300E

Falcona organised a  private jet charter flight from Manchester to Nuremburg for a business trip on a Embraer Phenom 300E super light aircraft.

The aircraft positioned into Manchester from Gloucester Airport the day before the flight, staying overnight at Manchester Airport. 

On the day of the flight our passengers were met at the private jet terminal, by the handling staff and directed to the lounge, where their passport details were checked and verified. 


Aircraft: Embraer Phenom 300E 

Tail: D -**** (2018)

Distance: 549 nm


Manchester: (EGCC)

Meeting Time: 07:40am
Departure Time: 08:00 local
Flight Time: 1:40

Passengers: 4

Nuremburg: (EDDN)
Arrival Time: 10:40 local


Nuremburg: (EDDN)

Meeting Time: 17:40am
Departure Time: 18:10 local
Flight Time: 1:40

Passengers: 6

Manchester: (EGCC)
Arrival Time: 18:50 local

Handling Agents

Manchester: Signature Flight Support

Nuremburg: Nurnburg General Aviation 


Manchester: Car left at Signature  

Nuremburg: N/A 


Standard Catering – Mixed sandwiches, fruit, snacks. 

Operational Notes

Entry requirements to Germany

All travellers

No entry restrictions for travellers from the UK


Embraer Phenom 300E

 Consider the highly intuitive next-generation avionics, generous cabin space, revolutionary interior, industry-exclusive upper technology panel and best-in-class cabin altitude, and you have a truly satisfying private jet experience.

Take to the skies with ease, comfort and style — and don’t be surprised when it attracts a crowd on the ramp.With cutting-edge technology and exclusive furnishings, up to eight passengers can fly comfortably in the Phenom 300E.

The executive jet from the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer is renowned for its speed. The spacious baggage compartment makes this jet perfect for golfing and skiing trips.

Phenom 300E business jet comes with 5.23m-long Oval Lite oval-shaped cabin, which offers reduced noise, and significant headroom and aisle space.

The seats have an extendable headrest along with bolsters, retractable armrest, broader backs, and extendable leg rests. The seating layout includes a table, side ledge, sidewall, and valance design.

The cabin features iconic airstair and oversized windows, while its interiors can be customised with the optional Bossa Nova Edition, which was awarded the best interior design at the International Yacht & Aviation Awards in 2019.

The cabin is installed with nice® HD by Lufthansa Technik, a state-of-the-art cabin control system, which supports the integration of portable devices and enables wireless audio / video streaming.

Phenom 300E engines and performance. The aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E1 engines, generating a maximum thrust of 3,478lb each.

It has a maximum cruise speed of 859km/h and a maximum range of 3,686km. The take-off distance is 978m, while the landing distance is 674m. The business jet can fly at altitudes of up to 13,716m. The cabin of the Phenom 300E measures just under 5 feet tall, with the width ticking in just over 5 feet wide. This allows plenty of comfort for passengers.

With a length of over 17 feet long, the cabin provides plenty of room for passengers to roam. Embraer has upgraded the seating throughout the cabin. With custom leather design and stitching, it’s clear the Phenom 300E has been redesigned with style in mind.

Each seat sports a 12-inch deep pullout storage drawer, enabling passengers to conveniently store their belongings. Embraer has outfitted the cabin with high-tech integration, which allows passengers to control everything from television and streaming to air conditioning or heating via touch controls.

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Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request.