Manchester to Naples on Beechjet 400A

Falcona organised a private jet charter flight on a Beechjet 400A light aircraft for two couples, who wanted to fly to Naples for a few days.

I also have a flight to Naples on Thurs 1st Oct returning Monday 5th that I wanted you to get a quote for….but the dynamic will be the same for that trip too. Naples flights – let’s go for the Beechcraft option, but can we modify departure times: – Outbound from Manchester at 8am – – Return from Naples at 6pm.

Can I confirm that, if we need to modify travel dates due to changes in COVID-19 quarantine status, that will be possible without any penalty charges?

I have a problem – and wondered if you can help. For the flight to Naples, it was going to be my partner and I and another couple. One has lost their passport and I doubt very much if she can get a replacement ahead of the departure date. Can we rearrange the dates?

Ok let me know potential date to reschedule. If it turns up let me know or if you can get it from Passport Office, fast track in Liverpool (I think).

Thinking Sicily or Madeira….either of those possible?

Let me know if you want to change destination. It’s possible. Madeira too far for their fleet of small jets, so wouldn’t be able to change aircraft. It would have to be a fuel stop.

I will send that info through now regards passenger & luggage weights for Sicily. Just had confirmation, regarding alternative destinations. “Madeira not possible.

Sicily possible however can not guarantee direct flight – we need to know pax weights and it will be Luggage limitations. Obviously price would be different. “ Let me know what you would like to do.


Aircraft: Beechjet 400A

Tail: SP-*** (2010 refurb 2018)


Manchester (EGCC)
Departure Time: 08:00 loc.
Flight Time: 02:50

Pax: 4

Naples: (LIRN)
Arrival Time: 11:50 loc


Naples (LIRN)
Departure Time: 18:00 loc.
Flight Time: 02:55

Pax: 4

Manchester: (EGCC)
Arrival Time: 19:55 loc

Handling Agents

Manchester – Handling Agent: Signature Flight Support

Naples – Handling Agent: Sky Services SPA


Manchester: None required.
Naples: None required


VIP Catering suitable to the time of day. One of the passengers had a gluten intolerance so we made sure the catering company was aware of this. So all the catering was gluten free.

Operational Notes

Please be at the airport 30 minutes before scheduled departure time. If you are delayed for your scheduled departure, we kindly ask that you update Falcona.


The Beechjet 400A has been continuously redesigned, and has evolved into Raytheon’s successful Hawker 400. Space is maximized and the aircraft offers 180 degree swiveling seats. The cabin has been soundproofed to offer a quieter, more relaxed flight experience for passengers.

Beechjet 400A cabin

These engines, along with unique design features, allow the 400A to travel 1,500 nautical miles at a speed of mach 0.78.  Its maximum speed is 446 knots, another improvement from its predecessor.

The 400A has a maximum payload of 2,172 lbs and a maximum flight ceiling of 45,000 feet.  53 cubic feet of baggage space is an additional amenity.

The cabin of the 400A is more spacious thanks to the aforementioned refinements.  Carrying 7 passengers and a crew of two, the interior dimensions measure: 15.6 ft long, 4.8 ft high and 4.9 ft wide.

Passengers enjoy fully berthable seats that swivel up to 180 degrees.  A cabin baggage area and refreshment cabinet have been added.   Newly located engine mounts and the addition of sound-dampening materials makes for a more enjoyable and quieter cabin environment.

Ideal for corporate or individual travel, the Beechjet 400A offers a streamlined private jet experience that includes the necessities of private travel while offering the convenience of short range travel for those going from city to city.

Client Review

 Thanks great trip to Naples. 


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request.