Manchester to Ibiza

Falcona organised a return private jet charter flight from Manchester to Ibiza for a family of three on a Cessna Citation CJ3 light aircraft. The aircraft positioned in from and arrived an hour before departure.

However upon landing and greeting the crew, we were notified that the aircraft had an issue and would not be able to fly that night. We immediately contacted the pax to let them know thwe situation and not to travel to the airport until further notice.

We tried to source another aircraft and the operator looked at other possibilities in their fleet, but it was not possible at such short notice. It was decided that the passengers would fly the next day with a couple of additional passengers, so it worked out ok. 

On the day of the flight our passengers were met by the handling staff and directed to the lounge, where their passport details were checked and verified.

Their bags were loaded onto the aircraft by the crew. Once the passengers went through the security screening, which is onsite at the terminal, they were escorted by the pilots and handling staff to their aircraft and took some pictures before boarding the plane.


Aircraft: Cessna Citation CJ3

Tail: D-**** (2016)

Tail: D-**** ( ) replacement aircraft from operator fleet.

Distance: 882 nm


Manchester: (EGCC)
Departure Time: 18:00 local
Flight Time: 2:12

Passengers: 3  (5)

Ibiza: (LEIB)
Arrival Time: 13:12 local


Ibiza (LEIB)
Departure Time: 14:00 local
Flight Time: 2:14

Passengers: 3  

Arrival Time: 15:14 local

Handling Agents


Handling Agent: Signature Flight Support


Handling Agent: Ibizair


Manchester: N/A

Ibiza: N/A



VIP Catering – Mixed sandwiches, canapes, wraps, snacks, 2 bottles of Laurent Perrier Rose champagne. 


Operational Notes

Entry requirements to Spain

The documentation you must present on entry when travelling from the UK to Spain is determined by your reason for travel.

If you are traveling to Spain for tourism you must show valid proof of one of the following:

  • being fully vaccinated (with both doses of a two-dose vaccine or one dose of a one-dose vaccine) at least 14 days prior to arrival in Spain (date(s) of vaccination must be specified). See ‘If you’re fully vaccinated’.
  • having recovered from COVID-19 in the last 6 months. You can also use a medical certificate or recovery record to prove your COVID-19 status on entry to Spain. See ‘If you’ve had COVID-19 in the past year’.

There are some different entry requirements for children under 12 years old and those aged 12 to 17 inclusive. See ‘Children and young people’

EU citizens and accompanying family members of an EU citizen (including those travelling for tourism purposes), residents of Spain, or those covered by one of the other exemptions listed may present alternative documentation to the vaccine certificate. See Exemptions

Travellers from the UK who can either show proof of being fully vaccinated, or of having recovered from prior COVID-19 infection in the last 6 months, or who are aged under 12 years old, do not need to complete Spain’s Travel Health Control form. Everyone else must complete Spain’s Travel Health Control form no more than 48 hours before travel to Spain. See Spain’s Ministry of Health travel pages for more detail.

You may also be subject to additional checks at the point of entry including a temperature check, visual health assessment, or testing on arrival. Passengers may also be contacted and required to undertake a COVID-19 nucleic acid amplification test – NAAT (PCR or similar) at any point up to 48 hours after their arrival in Spain. More information can be found on the Spanish government’s Border Health Controls webpage.

Everyone (excluding children under the age of 12 years old, see Children and young people) arriving into Spain who have visited a ‘risk country’ in the previous 14 days must meet the requirements on the Spanish Ministry of Health Travel and COVID-19 page. The Spanish government reviews their ‘risk countries’ list every 7 days.

If you are travelling from a country where Spain has travel restrictions, check with the Spanish Embassy in that country before you travel to Spain. Due to current travel restrictions, you may be questioned on arrival by Spanish border authorities to ensure you meet the legal entry requirements. Spanish border authorities only allow entry if they are satisfied that you meet the entry requirements, and reserve the right to deny passage.

Spain’s land borders are open, but there may be travel restrictions, border controls and testing requirements depending on the country you are travelling from. For further details see If you’re transiting through Spain.

All travellers should follow the advice of the local authorities on how best to protect themselves and others, including any measures that they bring in to control the virus. See the Coronavirus section for further information.

Plan ahead in case you present symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 during your stay in Spain, see Be prepared for your plans to change and Testing positive for COVID-19 while in Spain.

If you’re fully vaccinated

If you’re fully vaccinated and travelling from the UK, you can enter Spain without needing to test or quarantine regardless of your reason for travel. Your vaccination status must meet the Spanish authorities’ validity period requirements.

At least 14 days must have passed since being fully vaccinated (with both doses of a 2-dose vaccine or one dose of a single-dose vaccine) before arrival in Spain. Your date(s) of vaccination must be specified and your final dose must have been administered within 270 days prior to travel to Spain.

If you completed your vaccination (with both doses of a 2-dose vaccine or one dose of a single-dose vaccine) more than 270 days prior to travel to Spain, you must be able to show proof of having received a booster jab.

There is no requirement for 14 days to have passed between receiving your booster jab and entering Spain. Booster jabs can be administered at any time prior to travel to Spain. There is currently no expiry date for booster jabs.

Only vaccines authorised by the European Medicines Agency or by the World Health Organisation are accepted.

Children under the age of 12 years old do not need to show proof of being fully vaccinated on entry to Spain – see Children and young people

Proof of vaccination status

You must show valid proof of being fully vaccinated to enter Spain from the UK if travelling for tourism purposes. If one of the exemptions listed applies to you, you may be able to present other documentation on entry. See Exemptions

Spain will accept the UK’s proof of COVID-19 vaccination record and proof of COVID-19 vaccination issued in the Crown Dependencies.

Your date(s) of vaccination must be specified and you need to have had a vaccine authorised by the European Medicines Agency or by the World Health Organisation.

Your NHS appointment card from vaccination centres is not designed to be used as proof of vaccination and should not be used to demonstrate your vaccine status.

Documents can be in either English, Spanish, French or German and in paper or electronic format. They must specify your name and surname. See ‘Entry requirements for entry in Spain from third countries’ section ‘k.’ on the Spanish Ministry of Health Travel and COVID-19 page for further information on proof of vaccination for travelling to Spain from the UK.

Further rules may apply if you have travelled to a country on Spain’s list of ‘risk’ countries in the 14 days prior to travel to Spain.


The Cessna Citation 3 is a light jet that is typically outfitted for up to seven passengers.  range of 3,125 nm. is an extremely popular aircraft. The CJ3 has one of the longest cabins in the light jet class, giving passengers plenty of room to stretch out. 

The additional stretch in the cabin over the CJ2 makes for an even roomier cabin, which allows for increased productivity.

Long-legged people even have room to stretch out and enjoy their time in the plane. Seven passengers can enjoy the bevy of natural light afforded by the fourteen windows.

With a larger cabin for more comfort and seating, this aircraft can accommodate seven passengers for a trip of five hours. Its well-designed, deluxe cabin offers superior comfort with increased baggage capacity, yet this aircraft is still is one of the faster and most economical light jets.

With the combination of extreme fuel-efficiency and the luxuries expected, this aircraft offers one of the best experiences in executive jet air travel.


The Citation CJ3/+ is an obvious choice for a small group taking a trip of up to 1,700 miles or five hours.

Known for its fuel-efficiency combined with high performance, it is a favorite among business travelers who appreciate the economics without sacrificing the expected comforts and performance.

The innovative wing design significantly improves lift-to-drag performance. And, despite its economy in flight, it has a surprisingly high payload and still has the capacity to easily operate from a short runway. 

Adjustable club seating with multiple configurations allows for a comfortable and relaxing trip. Additionally, the CJ3 features 14 windows offering stunning views and creating an spacious feeling.

Advanced soundproofing provide a comfortable, quiet ambiance for travel. Ample storage space will accommodate baggage, skis, golf clubs and gear.

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