Manchester to Girona on a Phenom 300E

Falcona organised a one way private jet charter flight from Manchester to Girona for two people and their three pet dogs on a Embraer Phenom 300E super light aircraft.

On the day of the flight our passengers were met by the handling staff and directed to the lounge, where their passport details were checked and verified.

The bags were loaded onto the aircraft by the crew. After a few minutes they were escorted by the pilots and handling staff to their aircraft and took some pictures before boarding the plane.


Aircraft: Embraer Phenom 300E

Tail: D -**** (2019)

Distance: 716 nm


Manchester: (EGCC)
Departure Time: 10:00 local
Flight Time: 2:02

Passengers: 5  

Girona: (LEGE)
Arrival Time: 13:02 local

Handling Agents


Handling Agent: Signature Flight Support


Handling Agent: Aviapartner


Manchester: N/A

Girona: Transfer to villa


VIP Catering – Mixed sandwiches, canapes, wraps, snacks, and LP Rose.

Operational Notes

Entry requirements to Spain

From 2 July, the Spanish government requires all arrivals to Spain from the UK to present on entry one of the following: a negative COVID-19 test; or proof of vaccination. See Testing and vaccination requirements for arrivals from the UK for details.

Further requirements and entry restrictions may also apply if:

All passengers entering Spain are still required to complete a pre-travel declaration form. See Arrival by air or sea

Some travel restrictions and testing requirements are in place for international transit through Spanish airports by passengers on flights departing from the UK. See Air transit

Testing and vaccination requirements for arrivals from the UK

From 2 July 2021, the Spanish government requires all arrivals to Spain from the UK (excluding children under the age of 12 years old) to present on entry one of the following:

  • documentation certifying that you have undertaken a COVID-19 nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT – e.g. PCR, TMA, LAMP or NEAR) within 72 hours prior to arrival in Spain and tested negative. Antigen tests are only accepted in certain limited circumstances as outlined in section ‘k’ of the ‘Entry requirements for entry in Spain from third countries’ on the Spanish Ministry of Health ‘Travel and COVID-19’ page (see information on limited exceptions below).
  • proof of being fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to arrival in Spain (date(s) of vaccination must be specified), with a vaccine authorised by the European Medicines Agency or by the World Health Organisation



The fastest and longest-ranged single-pilot business jet is now capable of speeds up to Mach 0.80. It’s got an even quieter cabin. With its next-generation avionics, generous cabin space, revolutionary interior, industry-exclusive upper technology panel and the best-in-class cabin altitude that made it so popular, plus new enhancements that reduce cabin noise, the best just got better.

Embraer upgraded the Phenom 300 with the E package, adding new features to the cabin such as the upper tech panel for the Lufthansa Technik nice cabin management system and other comfort elements.Most are ordered with seating for eight, including a two-place, side-facing divan.

This, plus its speed and range, appeal to corporate and charter operators.The Phenom 300E is powered by two rear mounted Pratt & Whitney PW535E1 engines, with each producing 3,478 lbf of thrust (6,956 lbf total).

The Pratt & Whitney engines are capable of powering the aircraft to a maximum operating altitude of 45,000 feet, with a maximum cruise speed of 464 knots for up to 2,010 nautical miles.

The 300E, claiming that the update features “a total redesign of the 300’s interior.” Tables, window shades, seats and ceiling panels have all been updated and redesigned.

The low cabin altitude of 6,600 feet and quiet cabin noise level of just 75 dB will ensure that you can comfortable work or relax, so that you arrive at your destination as refreshed as possible.

The new seats feature retractable armrest and thigh supports, along with tracks which allow for the cabin seats to pivot away from the side walls to increase the amount of shoulder room each passenger has, giving passengers even more space.

The retractable armrests also create more space within the cabin, with the Phenom 300E featuring a slightly wider aisle than the previous generation 300.  Other features proximity-activated controls, adjustable lighting, touchscreen monitors and Embraer patented flush gaspers.

Combining multiple zones of personalisation, an advanced cabin control system that allows portable device integration and wireless audio/video streaming, all adding to the sophisticated interior enhancements.

The exclusive Oval Lite® cabin provides the most head and legroom of any light jet. Seats feature enhanced headrests, retractable armrests, adjustable thigh bolsters and custom stitching.

Client Review

“Thank you we had a great time. 


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request.