Manchester to Geneva Business Trip

Falcona organised a day return private jet charter flight from Manchester to Geneva for a business trip on a Nextant 400XTi

The aircraft positioned in from the Isle Of Man the day before departure. On arrival the aircraft was fuelled and moved into position for it’s early start in the morning. . 

Our passenger was met by the handling staff and directed to the lounge, where the passport details were checked and verified.

As it was a business trip their were no bags that needed to be loaded onto the aircraft. After a few minutes they were escorted by the pilots and handling staff to their aircraft.

We received an email from the passengers personal assistant, who asked us if we could change the return departure time to 18:30 local as the meeting was going to overrun slightly. 

Contacted the sales team and they let us know within an hour that slots had been confirmed for 18:30. This is one of the many benefits of travelling private, when you’re doing business.


Aircraft: Nextant 400XTi

Tail: OK -*** (2015)

Distance: 536 nm


Manchester: (EGCC)
Departure Time: 07:00 local
Flight Time: 1:25

Passengers: 1 

Geneva: (LSGG)
Arrival Time: 14:55 local


Geneva: (LSGG)
Departure Time: 18:00 local
Flight Time: 1:25

Passengers: 1  

Manchester: (EGCC)
Arrival Time: 18:25 local

Handling Agents


Handling Agent: Signature Flight Support


Handling Agent: Signature Flight Support 


Manchester: Car at Signature Manchester Airport

Geneva: N/A


VIP CateringBreakfast wraps, fruit & snacks.

Operational Notes

Entry requirements to Switzerland

You can see what rules apply to you when entering Switzerland using the online Travelcheck service.

It is no longer necessary to provide proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test or complete an entry form to enter Switzerland.

UK nationals do not need a visa to enter Switzerland. At passport control, UK nationals should use the ‘ALL PASSPORTS’ lane, irrespective of their residence status.


The Nextant 400XTi is one of the fastest aircraft in the sky, getting you to your destination quicker than anything else in this cabin size. And it goes further, with an operational radius that puts whole new territories within reach.

Its ergonomically designed cabin optimizes space and efficiency while low-noise levels minimize fatigue. The aircraft interior is known for its flat floor design and squared oval cabin cross section. It has a 1.50 cubic meters baggage compartment volume. 5 – 6 small cases or soft bags. 

The cabin is equipped with a cabin management system, an in-flight entertainment (IFE), distinctive LED lights, and an Aircell Axxess cabin communication system. The aircraft can accommodate up to seven passengers.

The seven-seat business jet has a small galley located on the right side and a belted lavatory seat located in the aft compartment. There is a 0.75 cubic meter cabin volume and a 1.590 cubic meter total baggage volume. 

Client Review

“Long day, but all good, thanks”. 


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request.