Malaga to Manchester

Falcona organised a one way private jet charter flight from Malaga to Manchester for a couple on a Hawker 400XP jet. 

The aircraft positioned in from Faro, on the day of the flight, one hour prior to departure. Our passengers were met at the FBO by the crew and handling staff.

They were directed to the lounge, where their passport details were checked and verified.

Bags loaded onto the aircraft. After a few minutes they were escorted by the pilots and handling staff to their aircraft and took some pictures before boarding the plane.

Weather: Please note we are expecting a delay with our departure today due to thunderstorms in Malaga. The aircraft is currently in Faro waiting for better weather to be able to depart. Will keep you posted.

Due to thunderstorms in Malaga, the aircraft couldn’t land the day before in order to bring the passengers home.

It was agreed with our passengers that the flight would go ahead the next morning when the weather had improved.  


Aircraft: Hawker 400XP 

Tail: SP -*** (2010)

Distance: 1009 nm


Malaga: (LEMG)
Departure Time: 12:00 local
Flight Time: 2:40

Passengers: 2  

Manchester: (EGCC)
Arrival Time: 14:55 local

Handling Agents


Handling Agent: Aviapartner


Handling Agent: Signature Flight Support 


Manchester: Transfer via Mercedes E Class 

Malaga: N/A


VIP CateringWraps, canapes, fruit & snacks.

Operational Notes

Entry requirements to UK

All travellers

No entry requirements into the UK. 


The Hawker 400XP is a light jet that seats up to seven people. It has a nice cabin, with a flat floor and a good flight range of up to three hours.

The interior is rather compact, allowing the aircraft to travel more efficiently to and from your destination.

Even so, this model’s 15.5 ft. cabin has room for 7 seats and room to move in the center aisle.

It also includes 27 cu. ft. of baggage storage space, which is plenty for most short distance travel.

Those who have travelled on a private jet before will also notice this model’s square-oval cabin design.

This is a unique structure that provides for more head and shoulder space within this cabin’s 4.9 ft. cabin height.

Also, the Hawker 400XP’s flat floor makes it increasingly easy to move about the cabin – even when visiting the lavatory in the rear of the cabin.

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Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request.