Liverpool to Ibiza on Hawker 400XP

Falcona organised a one way private jet charter flight from Liverpool to Ibiza on a seven seat Hawker 400XP. This enquiry came from a new client who got in touch with us through our website online form.

Once we had the enquiry we sent a couple of suitable aircraft quotes to the client. It was a choice between the Cessna Citation CJ2 and the Hawker 400XP.

Hi, Many thanks for the quote. We will be looking to bring along 2 x 20kg suitcases along with 2 small cases, will this fit in the Hawker Hold?

Hi, This would be ok with 2 people travelling.

Hi, As discussed if you could confirm that the price quoted still stands and how we go about booking? Apologies for last minute. Hi, Can you confirm you have everything you need & please provide the invoice so we can get this paid & finalised. Really appreciate the help at short notice.

Hi, Please find attached payment proof of payment made. As discussed if you could have Laurent perrier rose on board that would be absolutely perfect along with a bottle of white wine Pinot Grigio as this is my mrs favourite tipple!

Crazy question i know and I’m sure you wont be able to but i would regret if i didnt ask. I drive a Bentley and think it would be an absolute amazing picture of my wife & I on the tarmac with the car & jet. Is there any way to accommodate this? I have someone who can drive us to the jet & subsequently away after we have boarded if available? Cheers again for all your help at short notice!

Once everything was booked and payment was made by the client, we organised for our clients to drive there car up to the aircraft for a swift departure and a few pictures.

On the day of the flight our passengers were met by the handling staff and directed to the lounge, where their passport details were checked and verified. Bags loaded onto the aircraft. After a few minutes they were escorted by the pilots and handling staff to their aircraft and took some pictures before boarding the plane.


We wish to inform you that the aircraft is already in position at the Liverpool Airport. The crew will arrive approximately 1:30 min prior to departure. The aircraft departed 15 minutes earlier than planned.

The Aircraft is scheduled to arrive in Ibiza at 17:27 local time.


Aircraft: Hawker 400XP

Tail: SP-*** (2008 refurb 2019)

Distance: 885 nm


Liverpool: (EGGP)
Departure Time: 14:00 local
Flight Time: 2:27

Passengers: 2 

Ibiza: (LEIB)
Arrival Time: 17:27 local

Handling Agents


Handling Agent: XLR Executive Jet Centres


Handling Agent: Ibizair. S.L


Liverpool: N/A

Ibiza: N/A


VIP CateringMixed sandwiches and wraps, snacks, Pinot Grigio white wine, and Laurent Perrier Rose. All catering to be gluten free.

Operational Notes

Entry requirements to Spain


Before travel to Spain, all passengers travelling by air or sea must complete and sign an online Health Control Form no more than 48 hours prior to travel declaring any known history of exposure to COVID-19 and giving contact details.

You can do this on the Spain Travel Health website or downloadable app. On completion of the form, you will be issued a QR code which you must show (electronically or hardcopy) at airport health controls on arrival. See Spain Travel Health video for further details.

Anyone who has not completed this form electronically via the Spain Travel Health website or app, may submit it in paper format prior to boarding.


The Hawker 400XP  truly expands your journey and delivers the utmost value for a light jet. Great comfort and cost effective. It’s ideal for short charter flights around Europe.

Hawker 400XP cabin

The aircraft seats up to 7 people, in a decent size cabin for a light jet. We recommend this aircraft for up to 4 people for maximum comfort. the best choice for short and medium haul flights.

Unique and inimitable – the oval shape of the cabin makes this plane the most comfortable in the so-called light jets.

There is enough space on board for up to 7 passengers, and the flat floor makes it easier to move around in the cabin. The Hawker is considered to be the fastest plane in the class. You will reach your chosen destination faster and more efficiently.

To make your flight even more comfortable, we offer a well-stocked minibar. There are always hot and cold drinks on board, as well as many types of alcohol and perfectly prepared catering. Limited luggage is required when travelling on this type of aircraft. Due to the small hold we advise you to bring soft cases/bags.

Client Review

Absolutely best experience ever (except the big day of course �dc40). 100% will be returning customers! Really appreciate all the help & the service was next to none! If you have any pics from yesterday please send them! Cheers.


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request.