Farnborough to Madrid on a Citation XLS+

Falcona organised a one way private jet charter flight on a Citation XLS+ super light jet for a three passengers from Farnborough Airport to Madrid.

Our client was looking for a super light jet manufactured from 2015-2020 and able to fit in 3 sets of golf clubs as well as luggage.

The aircraft was initially at Manchester Airport, then the aircraft flew to Dublin, then re-positioned on the day of the flight from Dublin Airport ((LFBP) in Ireland.

As standard practice the aircraft arrived at Farnborough Airport 1 hour 30 minutes prior to departure. It had a splash of fuel, and on our clients arrival, the pilots met our passenger and escorted them to the aircraft.


Aircraft: Citation XLS+

Tail: D-**** (2019)

Distance: 658 nm


Farnborough: (EGLF)
Departure Time: 16:00 local
Flight Time: 01:48

Passengers: 3

Madrid: (LEMD)
Arrival Time: 18:48 local

Handling Agents


Handling Agent: Farnborough


Handling Agent: General Aviation Services


Farnborough: N/A
Madrid: N/A


VIP Catering suitable to the time of day.

Operational Notes

None required.


The Citation XLS+ is the world’s most popular business jet offers just about everything you could ask for. Space, range, comfort and performance. It seats up to eight people in a spacious cabin. Offers travellers a great flight for up to 4 hours.

Its internal climate system ensures you are welcomed to a warm cabin in the winter and a cooling oasis during a hot summer day.


The comfortable, spacious cabin and its features give you the opportunity to fully enjoy the flight.

Watch a movie – there are two separate DVD systems – use the satellite phone, or plug your computer into one of the 220V outlets.

Lots of room for luggage in the roomy baggage compartment. Perfect for golf or ski trips.

It also features an extremely spacious cabin which easily caters for up to 8 passengers in 6 individual seats and an additional two-seater sofa at the front.

Efficient, comfortable and direct; the Cessna’s latest model of the Excel series is ideal for short-haul journeys, and is a particular favourite for intra-European flights for business trips or weekend getaways.

Client Review

 Everything was fine, thank you. 


Please note: Prices shown are estimated prices for charter of whole aircraft – alternative routes, aircraft and airports are also available upon request.