Snowboarding in Verbier

Private jet flights to Sion are very popular with our customers who want to arrive closer to luxury ski resorts such as Verbier.

For this charter flight request, we provided our client with a choice of three suitable aircraft for the trip. There were four passengers travelling each with luggage.

So we sourced aircraft that would be suitable for the passengers and their budget. Our initial aircraft quotes were a Cessna CJ1, Cessna Citation Bravo and a Nextant 400XTi as we knew that the client liked these types of jets from previous flights.

Regardless of budget we always perform due diligence at all times to ensure that our clients get the safest and best aircraft for their flight. 

We eventually booked a Cessna Citation CJ and CJ1 for the return charter flight. As a charter broker we always aim to get the most suitable aircraft for the flight, whereby the client has a memorable experience.


Aircraft: Cessna CJ and CJ1/Embraer Phenom 300

Departure location

Manchester Airport (EGCC)
Departure Date: Jan 30 2019
Departure Time: 09:00 loc.
Flight Time: 02:00
Passengers: 4

Arrival location

Sion (LSGS)
Arrival Time: 11:00 loc.

Return Flight

Departure location

Sion Airport
Departure Date: 3 Feb  2019
Departure Time: 16:00 loc.
Flight Time: 01:53
Passengers: 4

Arrival location

Manchester (EGCCS)
Arrival Time: 16:53 loc.

Handling agents


Handling Agent: Signature Flight Support

Handling Agent: Sion Airport/TAG Aviation


Operational notes

Sion airport can get busy at times and so our permitted take-off time may not match your requested time. We will monitor this situation closely and advise you should there be any difference between our requested and permitted timings.

Please be at the airport 30 minutes before scheduled departure time. If you are delayed for your scheduled departure, we kindly ask that you update Falcona.


None requested.


Standard VIP Catering suitable to the time of day will be provided.

Manchester Airport

The weather forecast for Manchester on the day of the flight wasn’t great, so Falcona along with the operator of the aircraft decided to put the aircraft in the hangar overnight, as it was forecast below freezing and light snow.

With the flight booked in to depart at 9am local it would save time, cost for de-icing and hassle for our client, we felt it was the best option.

On the morning of the flight it had snowed heavily, so we phoned our clients and let them know the situation at the airport as Manchester Airport had to cancel several flights due to the snow.

With Falcona being based at the airport we were on hand to speak to the operator/pilots at the private terminal and keep our passengers updated of the situation. It took our member 2 hours to get to the airport, normally takes 20 minutes!

We received a call from client saying they were stuck in traffic as well, it didn’t matter much as the airport had been closed until further notice, so we told them not to rush.

On their arrival at Manchester about 10.30am our passengers were met by ourselves and members of the handling agent staff at Signature Flight Support. They were then escorted to the lounge, their bags were then taken to the aircraft which was still in the hangar, and they could wait before they departed.

As we are onsite it was possible to speak directly to clients and with the crew and ensure they were kept up to date with the situation. Manchester Airport resumed flights at 11am and our clients took of for Sion at 11.30.

On the day of the return flight, we had to quickly source another aircraft as our booked jet had a technical issue and wasn’t able to perform the flight. Our passengers were due to depart Sion at 16.00 local time so we had to move fast and secure another jet.

We managed to locate an aircraft that was already in Sion, that could do the charter flight for us. It was an upgrade on the original aircraft so our clients were pleased about that!

As with any form of transport, these things can happen so we’re always ready to organise another replacement flight at the drop of a hat.

Love it when a flight comes together…


About the aircraft

The Cessna CJ is a popular very light business jet. With seating for up to five passengers and an excellent short field performance, the Citation CJ1 is a good cost-effective aircraft for short charter flights.  

If you require a small, economical private jet for short range missions, the Cessna Citation Jet is a real contender. With short runway capabilities and a simple avionics system.

Embraer Phenom 300

The Phenom 300 is a popular super light aircraft, that seats up to eight people in a spacious cabin.The cabin has six leather passenger seats, a two-seat, side-ways facing sofa and an on-board enclosed toilet. The aircraft has full air-conditioning and Satellite Phone technology.


It also has fitted AC 110 and 240 volt outlets for work on the go. The Phenom 300 is luxuriously configured with a refreshment centre including a fully stocked bar. 

Client Review

“Hi thanks for organising the flight, we’ve never been on a Phenom 300 and we loved it. What a great few days we had.”