Man United v PSG Champions League

Falcona organised a private jet charter from Manchester to London after the UEFA Champions league match at Old Trafford, between Manchester United and Paris St-Germain. The flight was for four passengers travelling with no luggage,

We sent the PA of the company who are based in the United States, three suitable aircraft to perform the flight that they requested. A Phenom 100, Beechjet 400A and a Citation Excel.


My manager,  may want to book the attached option. He and his party might not be ready to depart until 11:30pm due to game traffic, would this time still be suitable? How far away is your Manchester FBO from the stadium?

We would like to select the Phenom 100E.  Please let me know how to reserve this option.  Hopefully I stayed within the 24 hour time period.  Thank you!

Aircraft is still available, if you would like to proceed with booking. If you could sign date & return the quote with T&Cs soon as possible to secure the aircraft, that would be appreciated. Please find attached your charter invoice and itinerary for upcoming flight from Manchester to London Luton.

As a charter broker we always aim to get the most suitable aircraft for the flight, whereby the client has a memorable experience. Regardless of budget we always perform due diligence at all times to ensure that our clients get the safest and best aircraft for their flight. 



Aircraft: Embraer Phenom 100

Departure location

Manchester Airport (EGCC)
Departure Date: Feb 12  2019
Departure Time: 23:30 loc.
Flight Time: 45:00
Passengers: 4

Arrival location

London Luton (EGGW)
Arrival Time: 12:15 loc

Handling agents

Handling Agent: Signature Flight Support

Handling Agent: Signature Flight Support

Operational notes

As mentioned previously Manchester Airport is near capacity with aircraft, the alternative would be Liverpool Airport.

Please, note the following remark that Manchester noted: I must advise we are very busy on the evening of the 12th Feb. Any changes would not be confirmed as the aircraft parking will be done in departure time order.


None requested.


Standard VIP Catering suitable to the time of day will be provided.

Manchester Airport

Our aircraft arrived at Manchester from London around 21.00 local time, for the flight at 23.30 local. We met the pilots on arrival, where we briefed them on the passengers and if there were any issues at London Luton.

The pilots then relaxed in the crew room and prepared for the flight, until our passengers were on their way back from the match.

We kept in touch with the driver of our guests who gave us an approximate time of arrival. They arrived at 23.20 local, had their id checked by a member of the handling staff and after a couple of minutes were able to board the aircraft.

No delays or having to wait around as they travelled with no luggage which speeds up the process.

Love it when a flight comes together…

About the aircraft

The Phenom 100 is a popular very light business jet. With seating for up to four passengers and an excellent short field performance, the Phenom 100 is the best aircraft in its class for short charter flights.

If you require a small, economical private jet for short range missions, the Embraer Phenom is our choice of aircraft, for its spacious cabin and generous luggage capacity. 

Client Review


Falcona has been very helpful with the coordination. I saw the score this morning, and that is an unfortunate loss for Manchester.  However, I’m sure the overall experience went well for them. Your accommodations with the short notice arrangements for Mr X and his company were well noticed.  I will keep you in mind for future charter needs!” 

If you’re thinking about flying to or from a Champions League game for the day, then let Falcona organise your next trip.