Pet Charter Flight From Barbados

Falcona received an email from our clients PA, for a private jet charter flight from Barbados to Manchester for a couple and their Mini Daschund dog.

The couple are regular clients of Falcona and travel with their dog around Europe. Unfortunately their flight home from Barbados by commercial carrier wouldn’t accept the dog on the flight even though they had done this for a long time and never had an issue before.

After searching for an aircraft that would do this flight we were able to source an ’empty leg’ charter flight on a Embraer Legacy 650 which was in Florida and returning to the UK on a day that suited our clients.

As it was a empty leg charter flight, we explained that with this type of flight that the terms are different to a normal one way flight. If the primary charter changes or moves the flight for any reason then it will have a knock on effect on the empty leg flight. It’s rare that this happens but our clients understood this and were happy to book the flight.


The aircraft had to make a fuel stop en-route to Manchester as the flight is slightly out of the range of the aircraft. Our clients were fine with this as it gave them a chance to stretch their legs.

The flight from Barbados left at around 10am local time, arriving in the Azores, Santa Maria Airport (LPAZ) at 21.00 local time. Flight time of approximately 5 hours 41 minutes. Once fuelled up they were ready to depart the Azores for the three hour thirty minute flight to Manchester.

We traceked the flight all the way to Manchester and on their arrival at 12.30am we met them along with the Pets On Jets who were there to check all the relevant documents for the dog. Once that was all completed and the bags were loaded into their car, our clients were off home.


The Legacy 650 has a range of 4,000 Nautical Miles meaning the aircraft is capable of making trips such as London – New York, Dubai – London, and Lagos – London non-stop. With three distinct cabin zones, the Legacy 650 has the largest cabin, galley and lavatory in its class.

The class-leading baggage compartment is fully accessible during flight, making sure you always have everything you need, or want.

The aircraft has a standard 13 seat configuration split in 3 areas: front club 4, middle club 4 and a separate area at the rear with a club 2 plus a 3 seat divan. The seating can be transformed into 4 beds & 2 double and 2 single beds.

This aircraft has a straight aisle with a dropped floor giving two extra inches of headroom. The aircraft is fitted with an Inflight Entertainment System (IFE) with two large screens, 8 individual 9inch screens; surround sound music system to complement iPod docking station and a satellite phone system.

The aircraft is also equipped with Wifi. The galley is fitted with an oven and microwave to enable us to offer full First Class VIP catering facilities to our passengers.T he aircraft cabin is 49’10” in length, 6’11” wide and 6 ft high.

It is powered by two Rolls-Royce AE3007A2 engines – each giving 9,020 lbs of thrust at take-off. The aircraft needs 5,741 feet to take-off and 2,855 feet of runway to land. The Legacy 650 has a certified ceiling of 41,000 feet.


IAM Jet Centres in Barbados and Grenada provide special VIP services for discerning passengers travelling on . Our guests enjoy a unique private jet experience including our luxurious lounges and meeting spaces as well as in house Immigration, Customs and security screening. An exclusive and stress-free escape from the noise and bustle of busy airport terminals.

Thanks for all your help. The pilots and the aircraft were great. Speak soon.