Family Holiday In Nice

Falcona received an email from the clients, for a private jet charter flight from Nice to Manchester for ten passengers, one way. This was a first time client flying with Falcona.


I wonder if you could have a look for me flying from Cannes to Manchester on an aircraft similar to these for 10 passengers on Monday the 18th of June one way?

Can you tell me more about you guys? How long have you been in operation? Are you based at Manchester’s private terminal?

I would love to come down and have a look around and meet you guys. I would like to book the Challenger 850 for my flight home from Cannes please. Leaving at around 2pm. Can you send me pictures of the actual aircraft?


We provided our client with a choice of three suitable aircraft for the flight. We sourced an aircraft that would be suitable for all of the passengers and their luggage. Sourcing an aircraft as a broker means that we perform due diligence at all times to ensure that our clients get the safest and best aircraft for their flight.

We eventually booked a Bombardier Challenger 850 with the best charter operator, who are Wyvern Wingman and ARG/US Platinum rated. All their aircraft are manufactured in 2014 or newer, resulting in modern aircraft with the latest technology on-board.


The aircraft arrived in Nice an hour prior to departure from Athens, Greece. Our passengers went through the same process at Nice Airport with Signature Flight Support. Security screening flight as the aircraft is over ten tonnes.

Exact same rules apply to private jet charter as travelling commercial, the only difference is it’s a much quicker process. Once this was done they were escorted and driven to the aircraft by the handling staff.



Aircraft: Challenger 850

Departure location

Nice/Cote D’Azur LFMN
Departure Date: 18 June 18
Departure Time: 14:00 loc.
Flight Time: 02:10
Pax: 10

Arrival location

Manchester EGCC
Arrival Time: 15:10 loc.

Handling agents contacts & permissions

Nice/Cote D’Azur LFMN
Handling Agent: Signature Flight Support

Manchester EGCC
Handling Agent: Signature Flight Support

Operational notes

Please be at the airport 30 minutes before scheduled departure time. If you are delayed for your scheduled departure, we kindly ask that you update Falcona.

Please note, PED’s (personal electronic devices) contain lithium batteries which can be a serious fire risk during flight
– Please report any damaged device to your crew and ensure it is switched off for the duration of the flight
– Should you lose or forget your PED on-board the aircraft, please notify Falcona immediately
– Any PED’s stored in your Hold baggage should be confirmed off and packed in such a way as to ensure it cannot inadvertently switch on during flight


Nice/Cote D’Azur LFMN: None requested


We would be delighted to accommodate any catering preferences you may have. In case no specific requirements are requested, VIP Catering suitable to the time of day will be provided.

As two of our passengers were vegetarian, the catering team organised vegetarian options.

Should your client have any special catering requirements, please provide these at least 48 hours prior to departure. Unless requested otherwise, VIP catering suitable to the time of day will be provided. Certain items & requests made after this time may incur an additional charge

Your Onboard Menu Proposal for Falcona Private Jets Ltd Nice/cote D’azur – Manchester 18 June 2018

  • Platter Local Sliced Cheese Board Garnished with Grapes, Nuts and Crackers
  • A Taste of the South of France Rataouille of Nice, Grilled Peppers, Mozzarella, Purple Artichokes in Salad
  • Deep Fried Zucchini Flower and Stuffed Vegetables
  • Fresh Sliced Fruit Seasonal Fruit Starter Kale Salad With Pomegranate Seeds, and Pistachios in a Lemon Honey Dressing Rocket Salad With Strawberries,
  • Cherry Tomatoes, Pine Nuts and Parmesan Shavings Asparagus and Prawns Salad With Citrus Vinaigrette
  • Main Rack of Lamb Flambe with Baked Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables Served with Mint Jus Grilled
  • Black Cod Fillet Grilled Black Cod Fillet With Wild Rice, Sauteed Spinach and Lemon and Thyme Sauce
  • Vegetarian Lasagna Topped with Vegetables, Zucchini and Spinach Fondant
  • Dessert Chia Pudding With Blueberries Opera Cake Layers of Almond Sponage Cake,
  • Coffee Butter Cream and Chocolate Ganache
  • Meringue Lemon Tart Shortcurst Pastry
  • Lemon Custard Filling and Meringue Topping




On their arrival at Manchester, Falcona was there to meet the passengers as well as members of the handling agent staff at Signature, who directed them to the passenger lounge No waiting around for your luggage – it simply follows you off the aircraft. Car access directly to private jet if required so parked directly outside the terminal.

A last minute chauffeur car was organised to take some of the passengers to different areas of Manchester, with Get Chauffeured one of our preferred companies.


The Bombardier Challenger 850 aircraft was created to challenge convention and establish a new class of business aircraft. Expansive and versatile, it provides the flexibility to deliver customized solutions for any corporate requirement.

With the longest and widest cabin in its class, the Challenger 850 is the ultimate combination of size, comfort and value. With the same size interior as the Global Express, the Challenger 850 has a true multi-zone cabin and comprehensive passenger amenities including the latest inflight entertainment technology, full hot galley and large wash-room with separate crew facilities.

With 30% more cabin space than its closest competitor, the Challenger 850 is the perfect choice for all types of missions.

The Challenger 850 features a 14.76m long, 1.85m high and 2.49m wide spacious cabin with plenty of leg space. The cabin can accommodate up to 16 passengers. The volume of the cabin is 56.36m³.

The cabin houses an in-flight mapping system, digital cabin entertainment systems, touch screen cabin control systems, LCD displays, a redesigned galley, forward and aft lavatories, a SATCOM phone, LED lighting and passenger audio / video input. It is also fitted with airborne office technology and equipment to render telephone, fax and data transmission capabilities.

The cabin configuration features a four-seat conference table and dining area in the forward compartment, while the aft section has a three-seat divan and a two-seat conference table.

The aircraft with its large baggage compartment is perfect for both business and leisure travel, balancing convenience and efficiency providing access to smaller airports closer to your final destination.

Flying hours: 6.30

Maximum range: 2,807nm | 5,200km

Maximum speed: 528mph | 850km/h

Passenger capacity: up to 14 passengers, 7 sleeping positions





Falcona Private Jets has been based at the only dedicated FBO jet centre in Manchester since 2014, with its own VIP private passenger terminal, which enables us to meet our clients on arrival, ensuring that all our charter flights run as smoothly as possible.

Unlike most charter brokers we like to take a hands on approach with our clients and get to know them on a personal level, which is rare in this industry.

It offers executive lounges, VIP business facilities and a luxury conference suite.  Whilst you’re waiting for your flight you will access to a selection of complimentary hot and cold drinks and snacks.

You can enjoy the free WiFi, printing, scanning, charging points, newspapers, magazines and TVs. Take some time out with your favourite book, catch up on sports or simply sit back and relax prior to your flight.


There is secure customer parking and a dedicated ramp area in front of the Jet Centre, which gives immediate access for customers. Your keys will be taken by the receptionist on your arrival and your car will be brought round to the front when you return. Bags unloaded and then put straight into your car for a swift getaway.


We’re also ideally located for flights to and from Liverpool Airport, Chester Airport, Blackpool Airport and Leeds Airport. All within one hour from Manchester Airport.