Last Minute Flight To Rome

Our client for this flight was a Chairman of a Premier League Football club. Unfortunately their own aircraft had a technical issue meaning it was grounded and they had to find a charter aircraft.


Client needed to be in Rome for a business meeting in the afternoon. We were contacted by a member of the staff at Signature, of the situation. Being based at the airport we were able to come into the terminal and talk to the pilot face-face whilst organising the flight.

Once we had all the information from the pilot who we were dealing with, we searched our database for available aircraft that would be suitable for the flight.

With a last minute charter flight such as this the main issue is being able to source an aircraft and crew. We tried a couple of companies with aircraft based locally, but they didn’t have the crew available at such short notice.

We eventually located a Bombardier Learjet 75 which was in Newquay after a flight it had performed. As the aircraft and crew were free to do the trip to Rome, we told the pilot of the grounded aircraft. He had to check with the chairman. Once we got the go ahead we booked the aircraft for them.

In order for them to depart swiftly from Manchester, a smaller aircraft meant they they didn’t have to go through the screening process. The aircraft was under 10 tonnes so qualified, meaning they could just board the aircraft when it arrived.

With it being a last minute charter flight, we accepted payment by credit card in order to speed up the booking process.

So from the initial phone call at 09.30 to the clients taking off at 13.30 a private jet charter flight can get you where you need to be faster.


For urgent charter requests such as this flight, there are a few factors that can affect the speed of booking.

Crew – need to either be in position, not go over their duty hours or have to make their way to the airport. Locating crew for the flight can be an issue with smaller companies for last minute flights.

Operators – such as the company we used for this flight either manage or own the aircraft outright. We purposely select aircraft which do not need owners approval, due to the fact that this can waste precious time. Some owners are not readily available to give an answer there and then.

Position – If the aircraft is located far away from where you are then this will affect the time it takes to pick you up and will also add to the cost. So we always try to locate an aircraft based at your airport or as close as possible.


The Bombardier Learjet 75 provides the luxury and comfort of a larger aircraft in a light jet, delivering the ultimate travel experience. 

With new performance levels and efficient range, it combines convenience with cutting-edge in-flight technology and connection capabilities. It flies further and faster than its closest competitor with full passenger and fuel capacity.

The cabin of the Learjet 75 business jet is in a class of its own, designed for ultimate comfort and privacy: flat floor for ease of movement, pocket door for reduced noise levels, and fully-equipped for productivity. Step up into an unmatched light jet experience.

The only flat floor cabin and 8-seat double-club configuration in the light jet category. Sit back and relax in the quietest and most private cabin in the light jet category. The only light jet certified to a higher safety standard.

Fly farther with full fuel, 8 passengers and baggage; never leave anyone, or anything behind. Fly faster without compromising fuel efficiency. Stay connected at all times. Control your environment, access high-speed internet, and enjoy the latest entertainment.

Do it your way while you’re on your way. Access what you require, as required. With in-flight storage, your personal items are always within reach.


The most advanced and best equipped cabin in its class boasts a state-of-the-art cabin management system, high-definition bulkhead monitor, integrated side-wall speakers, and six personal touch-screen monitors that stow or deploy as you need. The result is the best and broadest entertainment, information and connectivity experience in its category.


As it was a business flight, clients wanted to know if wi-fi was available so that they conduct business on their way to Rome. With Learjet 75 being a newer model, manufactured in 2016 it did have wi-fi.

This was extra and this was invoiced to clients after the flight. Most older aircraft do not have the amenities for travellers to conduct business en-route, so it’s essential you request a newer model aircraft with access to wi-fi.

The great thing about private jet charter is that it’s flexible, allowing you to get to your destination quicker, whether your aircraft has gone tech or you’ve missed a commercial flight.


Falcona Private Jets has been based at the only dedicated FBO jet centre in Manchester since 2014, with its own VIP private passenger terminal, which enables us to meet our clients on arrival, ensuring that all our charter flights run as smoothly as possible.

Unlike most charter brokers we like to take a hands on approach with our clients and get to know them on a personal level, which is rare in this industry.

It offers executive lounges, VIP business facilities and a luxury conference suite.  Whilst you’re waiting for your flight you will access to a selection of complimentary hot and cold drinks and snacks.

You can enjoy the free WiFi, printing, scanning, charging points, newspapers, magazines and TVs. Take some time out with your favourite book, catch up on sports or simply sit back and relax prior to your flight.


There is secure customer parking and a dedicated ramp area in front of the Jet Centre, which gives immediate access for customers. Your keys will be taken by the receptionist on your arrival and your car will be brought round to the front when you return. Bags unloaded and then put straight into your car for a swift getaway.


We’re also ideally located for flights to and from Liverpool Airport, Chester Airport, Blackpool Airport and Leeds Airport. All within one hour from Manchester Airport. 


So if you’re thinking about flying to Rome whether it’s for business or pleasure, let Falcona organise your next trip. To request a charter flight please email or call us +44 (0)161 436 0124 today