Group Charter Flight To Ibiza

Our client for this flight is a top Premiership footballer who we have worked with in the past, mainly for golfing trips. Falcona was contacted via text message, with the dates of the flight and the number of passengers travelling. As it was a surprise for the wife everything had to be on the down low.

The trip was for a week in June with ten passengers plus luggage. Once we had all the information , we searched our database for the most suitable aircraft for the flight. We sent the quotes to our client and once they had a look at the various aircraft we sent, they decided to charter a Challenger which seated up to thirteen people.

Prior to this our client did ask about another aircraft however it was not suitable, due to the fact it would not be great with ten people ( 5 male 5 female plus luggage. The value was much better on the challenger 850.


The Bombardier Challenger 850 aircraft was created to challenge convention and establish a new class of business aircraft. In doing so, the jet has excelled in every way, setting the standard for reliability, dependability and value in its class. Expansive and versatile, it provides the flexibility to deliver customized solutions for any corporate requirement.

Non-stop service effortlessly sustains business as usual, but also enables incomparable relaxation in a cabin with virtually the same amount of space found on an ultra-long-range aircraft.

Secure in the knowledge that Challenger 850 aircraft engines are among the most tested and reliable in business aviation today, passengers can relax and enjoy a complete suite of in-flight entertainment capabilities or leverage state-of-the-art business communication technology.

An expansive interior. Efficiently productive. Prepare yourself for an aircraft that provides a new frame of reference by challenging the common wisdom that it’s best to stay grounded. It just feels right to soar above the competition.

The Challenger 850 jet delivers trans-continental ease with a non-stop range of 2,811 nautical miles (5,206 km). Its brisk, high-speed cruise of Mach 0.80 can handle the most time-sensitive schedules. Its tried-and-true airframe has been proven in over six million hours of steadfast commercial service.

With this jet’s rugged airliner engines, stringently designed safety systems and outstanding dispatch and performance reliability, you’ll see that the Challenger 850 aircraft is both a smart and exciting choice.

Catering Menu


  • Canapes assortment
  • Cured meats platter
  • Bread rolls and butter pads
  • Fine cheese with crackers and dry fruit and nuts platter
  • Seasonal sliced fruit platter
  • Gourmet sandwich and wrap platter
  • Crudités with assorted dips
  • Petit fours
  • Open bar and snack stock


  • Canapes assortment
  • Spanish ham platter
  • Fine cheese with crackers and dry fruit and nuts platter
  • Bread rolls and butter pads
  • Spanish hot and cold tapas selection
  • Prawn cocktail
  • Seasonal sliced fruit platter
  • Petit fours
  • Open bar and snack stock

As this was a surprise, all the other passengers waited in the lounge for the lead couple and on their arrival they were shown to the lounge where the other members of the party were waiting to surprise them.

Dear Falcona Team,

I hope this mail finds you well.

The following is the feedback with regards to the flights we performed for your clients on the 28th of June, traveling from LEIB to EGCC

In-Flight Experience:
All passengers chose coffee as welcome drinks on board.

After take-off, the flight attendant set up the lunch on the table with the following:
Canapes assortment
Spanish ham platter
Fine cheese with crackers and dry fruit and nuts platter
Spanish hot tapas selection
Spanish cold tapas selection
Prawn cocktail
Seasonal sliced fruit platter
Petit fours
Bread rolls and butter

The passengers really appreciated the food. Only the ladies had dessert and tea and coffee. The men went back in the sofas and enjoyed the flight.

They seemed satisfied with the flight and service provided.

We wish to thank you for choosing us and look forward to providing you with our professional service again soon.

Post flight Falcona contacted clients to see how the flight and their experience was. The feedback was great, they all loved the flight, allowed to go and speak to the crew and get a birds eye view from the cockpit. Making memories that will last a lifetime.