Golfing Weekend in Mallorca

The enquiry came from the brother of a client who Falcona had previously chartered a flight for. It was a private jet for four passengers who wanted to fly from Manchester to Mallorca for a family golfing weekend. As Falcona had worked with the brother before, the booking process was fairly straight forward.


Mallorca is an extremely popular destination for private jet travellers, who go there for the sunshine, beaches and golf courses. Many of our clients have a second home their and choose to fly private in order to escape the rigours of commercial flights. Saving time and hassle is the main priority.


The flight from Manchester is around two hours twenty minutes. The CJ2 is the perfect light jet with four passengers on-board for a comfortable flight.


  • Arrive at private terminal in Manchester at 11.45am .
  • Fly from Manchester to Mallorca.
  • Land at Mallorca
  • Chauffeur waiting at the terminal
  • Golf and relax
  • Return to Mallorca Airport
  • Board aircraft and fly back to Manchester

Pre Flight

On arrival at the terminal the four passengers were greeted by the handling agent staff, who took them through to the passenger lounge area, where they could have some snacks and drinks whilst they waited.


We always recommend clients arrive twenty minutes before departure if they do not have a security screening flight. Otherwise you could be hanging around waiting for your slot. However sometimes it’s possible depending on how busy the airport is, you can move your slot forward and depart early.

Handling Agents

The handling staff at the airport helped are on hand to assist the passengers and pilots pre flight. Two of the staff helping to load the suitcases and golf bags onto the aircraft. Jolly bunch aren’t they?!

Falcona always recommend during your initial enquiry, that you notify us of any large or heavy items that you may want to take. This allows us to source the right aircraft that has enough space to accommodate your luggage and in this case two golf bags and suitcases. We always tell our clients to use soft suitcases as they’re easier to pack in the hold unlike hard cases which don’t squeeze into the hold as well.



Falcona chose the Citation CJ2 for this flight, because it’s suitable for the amount of passengers and luggage. A smaller aircraft would not have the range or interior space needed to make the flight direct.

The high performance Citation CJ2 is a roomy, light aircraft. It’s contemporary, spacious cabin interior gives the impression of a much bigger aircraft. Incorporating the latest in avionics technology, the CJ2 comfortably accommodates up to a maximum of six passengers.

The cabin of these small jets feature six individual seats in a club four plus two arrangement with wash-room facilities at the rear.

The Citation Jet 2 is the ideal choice for near European private flights for up to 3 hours where jet travel is essential, but economy is also important. The CJ2 is probably the most reliable light jet ever built and it’s extremely popular with our clients.

The separate baggage holds are plentiful and remote to the cabin so that sporting guns can be carried. The CJ2 offers greater range and speed, perfect for a flight from Manchester to Rome or London to Lisbon.


110V Outlet, 230V Outlet, AirShow, CD player, DVD player, Glassware, Headsets, Ice bin, Lavatory, Leather seats, Pets allowed, Satellite phone, Ski tube.



Post flight

On arrival back at Manchester, Falcona met clients to ensure everything was ready for them. such as the chauffeur for two of the passengers. The other two left their car with the handling agents, who brought the car round to the front of reception. Making the return as smooth and efficient as possible.

Falcona spoke to the pilots about the flights to see if there were any issues during the flight. They were happy to report that the passengers were happy with everything and found the whole thing enjoyable.

A few days after, Falcona emailed the clients to see how they felt the whole process was;


Thanks Falcona for a great trip, everything was excellent.