Family Trip To Malaga

This private jet charter flight was for a new client, who live locally to Manchester Airport. They have travelled by private jet on a regular basis. Being based at Manchester Airport, we were able to meet and greet them on the day of their flight.


Dear Falcona
I wonder if you could quote me for a different journey as detailed below
Friday 1st September- Manchester- Malaga – am departure- 4 passengers
Tuesday 5th September- Malaga- Manchester- 2 passengers-

They were specific in the type of aircraft that they wanted to charter, as they were familiar with different types of aircraft. We managed to source an aircraft that was local and didn’t have to re-position far for the flight.

Falcona had met the crew and viewed the aircraft previously when it was at Manchester. So well placed to recommend the jet for clients.


Summary of attached quotes:
Citation XLS (2007 refurb 2013)
Depart 01-Sep-2017 10:00 (local) EGCC To LEMG 2:52 4 pax
Depart 04-Sep-2017 14:00 (local) LEMG To EGCC 2:53 4 pax
Citation CJ2 (2005)
Depart 01-Sep-2017 10:00 (local) EGCC To LEMG 3:12 4 pax
Depart 04-Sep-2017 14:00 (local) LEMG To EGCC 3:12 4 pax
Nextant 400XTi (2011 refurb 2017)
Depart 01-Sep-2017 10:00 (local) EGCC To LEMG 2:45 4 pax
Depart 04-Sep-2017 14:00 (local) LEMG To EGCC 2:45 4 pax


“Please note Mr and Mrs X are our guests and will be on the outbound flight only. We would like to depart outbound to Malaga at 10am local time. I will confirm the departure time for Monday 4th September later but anticipate it being 4pm local time

If you can forward me your bank details I will arrange a bank transfer for the price as agreed

I will forward you passport details for all passengers later.”


Cessna Citation XLS

The Citation XLS is one of the world’s most popular business jets. With a luxurious seating capacity of eight or nine passengers and an excellent short field performance the Citation XLS is the perfect mid-size aircraft for flights around Europe and Northern Africa. The XLS has one of the largest cabins and spacious luggage capacities in its class making it perfect for both business and leisure travel.

The cabin has six fully reclining leather passenger seats, a two-seat, side-ways facing sofa and an on-board enclosed toilet with a facing ninth seat. On-board the aircraft has a fully stocked refreshment centre with hot and cold beverages.

The aircraft has full air-conditioning and has the latest on-board WiFi and Satellite Phone technology. It also has fitted AC 110 and 240 volt outlets for work on the go.

Loading The Passengers Luggage

The XLS is luxuriously configured with a refreshment centre including a fully stocked bar and an enclosed private wash-room located at the rear of the aircraft. The advanced noise insulation ensures your flighty is peaceful, whilst the mid size cabin provides ample capacity and stand up room for up to eight passengers.

Personalised cupcakes, made by Lisa’s Kitchen


Our clients arrived separately, with guests getting to the private terminal 30 minutes prior to the flight. They were met by the staff at Manchester and taken through into the lounge area, where they were served hot drinks and biscuits whilst waiting. The lead passengers arrived ten minutes later, where they were shown to the lounge to meet their friends.

A representative from Falcona, met with all the passengers to make sure everything was ok, before the captain came in and told them they were ready for boarding. All the passengers were escorted to the aircraft by a member of staff at the terminal.


The same process for the flight home, Falcona made sure that the passengers were at the airport on time. The flight home for the two passengers was a smooth flight arriving home around 6.30pm where they were met by their driver.

Clients were extremely happy with the aircraft, crew and flight experience.