Family Ski Trip To Geneva

Falcona received an email from the clients, for a private jet charter flight from Manchester to Geneva, Switzerland. It was for a family of four who had previously flown with Falcona to Mallorca.

Two adults and two children travelling to Geneva, so we sourced an aircraft that would be suitable for all of them and the luggage and also cost-effective. Sourcing an aircraft as a broker means that we perform due diligence at all times to ensure that our clients get the safest and best aircraft for their flight.

We send our three quotes, different types of aircraft, varied price range that would do the flight non-stop. Our clients chose the Phenom 100.

The aircraft arrived from its base the night before the flight. Falcona were here to meet the pilots and speak to them about the flight and the clients. This alleviates any issues on the day of the flight, things such as the weather, can prohibit the jet coming into the airport. It would have to delay the flight or at worst fly to the nearest available airport to proceed with the flight.


The clients arrived at the private FBO terminal, where they were greeted by a member of the handling agent staff, who directed them to the passenger lounge. Clients had booked a chauffeur car to the terminal so they arrived on time, fifteen minutes prior to their departure.

Falcona, personalised the cabin for clients arrival, with the help of the pilots. Two Easter Eggs and other various treats were set out in the cabin for the kids (and adults!) to eat during the flight.

For a family of four, two adults and two children, the Embraer Phenom 100 is a great choice of aircraft. Plenty of space in the cabin to make the journey enjoyable. Great luggage capacity for a small aircraft, much more than a Citation Mustang. It is also a direct flight from Manchester to Geneva. The other choice was a Citation Mustang, which would more than likely need a fuel stop en-route.


The aircraft started up and headed to the runway for departure. Once the aircraft has taken off Falcona kept a close eye on the flight of the aircraft, until it landed in Geneva, where a helicopter was waiting to transport them to their chosen ski resort. Val d’Isere.

The flight from Manchester to Geneva was approximately two hours fifteen minutes. Once they had landed a call was made to the handling agent at Geneva Airport, to make sure the clients landed safely and their helicopter had picked them up.


The Phenom 100 is a high performance entry level light executive jet that offers excellent value and comfort for up to 4 passengers. The cabin, offering four individual seats, is beautifully appointed in light leather to create an airy, spacious environment.

The aircraft with its large baggage compartment is perfect for both business and leisure travel, balancing convenience and efficiency providing access to smaller airports closer to your final destination.

The major business centres of Paris, Frankfurt & Geneva are all within cost effective, easy reach of Manchester.


The flight home was good although, unfortunately the helicopter had to be cancelled due to the bad weather so couldn’t pick them up from Val d’Isere. Once we got the call from the clients we notified the pilots that they were taking a chauffeur car to Geneva and might be slightly late. They had two hours to get to the airport in order to leave on time, the drive is approximately 2 hours fifteen minutes. The driver was brilliant and got them there with minutes to spare! Phew…


The feedback from our client was that they had a great time, the pilots were excellent and the flight was extremely enjoyable.