50th Birthday Private Jet to Portugal

Falcona received an email via the website, for a private jet charter flight from Manchester to Faro, Portugal. It was for a family of four who had never flown private before. It was a 50th birthday present for our client who wanted to do something special for the occasion and thought, why not a private jet to his holiday home on the Algarve. From the initial enquiry Falcona guided them through the booking process, making it simple and stress free.

The aircraft arrived from its base about one hour before the departure time, where the pilot was met by a member of Falcona. This is when once all the formalities are done by the operator, we board the aircraft and set up the jet for our clients.

The clients arrived at the private FBO terminal, where they were greeted by a member of the handling agent staff, who directed them to the passenger lounge.

As the clients were only flying one way to Faro, they were dropped off by another family member.

They were all shown to the passenger lounge, where they were offered tea and coffee and biscuits before the flight.

Falcona, personalised the cabin for clients arrival. A bottle of Tanquery and a bottle of Perrier Jouet were placed on-board the aircraft for the adults, along with special some delicious cupcakes made by our friends at Lisa’s Cup Kitchen.

For a family of four, two adults and two teenagers, the Bravo is a great choice of aircraft. Plenty of space in the cabin to make the journey enjoyable. It also meant that they could fly direct.

The aircraft started up and headed to the runway for departure. Once the aircraft has taken off Falcona kept a close eye on the flight of the aircraft, until it landed at Faro Airport.

The flight from Manchester to Faro is approximately three hours fifteen minutes depending on the weather. Once they had landed a call was made to the handling agent at the Faro Airport, to make sure the clients landed safely and their chauffeur was there waiting to pick them up.


The aircraft that we chartered for this one way flight was a Citation Bravo, which seats up to seven passengers. The Citation Bravo is one of Cessna’s best selling private jets and is an ideal choice for travelling on shorter trips around Europe. The Bravo is comfortably configured with reclining leather seats.

The streamlined aircraft is capable of flying you as swiftly and smoothly as possible to your chosen destination. It can reach high altitudes enabling it to voyage above inclement weather.

With a comfortable interior, including full reclining leather seat sit provides the perfect environment to manage your business project or family holiday. Once you have climbed the steps into the Bravo and have taken your seat, the noise and bustle of the outside world seem to melt away into silence.

Comfortable revolving chairs, extra headroom, a long list of options, elaborate noise insulation all of these are a clear indication that this space was created especially with work and relaxation in mind. The aircraft is equipped with a refreshment centre offering a fully stocked bar and an enclosed lavatory is located at the rear of the aircraft.

With the ability to fly to smaller regional airports the Bravo allows flexibility and convenience along with privacy and comfort and is perfect for individuals or small groups wanting discreet, cost-effective and luxurious travel. It’s a popular choice of aircraft for clients flying from the UK, for their holidays. Lots of baggage space for suitcases and it is also great for ski and golf equipment. The Bravo can fly from Manchester to Faro comfortably or if you’re flying in the US, it can fly direct from New York to Miami.


  • Arrive at private terminal at Manchester 9.45am.
  • Fly from Manchester to Faro Airport at 10am
  • Enjoy drinks for 50th birthday on-board the jet
  • Land at Faro at 1pm local time
  • Chauffeur waiting at the terminal to pick them up
  • Head to their final destination



Faro is another destination that sees a sharp rise in private jet flights especially during the summer months. The Algarve is the main spot for charter flights as many either have holiday homes there or love the fact that the weather is warm all year round, has great beaches, night-life and fantastic golf courses.

The airport at Faro does not have a separate private terminal which a lot of our clients don’t like.

What happens at the handling agents?

As there was no private terminal, the handling company gave them a business card and all the contact details. They advised them where to park and they met them and escorted our clients through the terminal and quick access gates.

Our clients had organised their own transport to their home in Portugal. Falcona worked with the handling agent and their chauffeur to ensure that they were in the right place to pick them up.

After the flight was completed we spoke to the captain of the aircraft, who told us it was a smooth flight although they did have very strong winds all the way! and the clients enjoyed the flight. They were asking questions whilst they were in the air and loving the views along the way.


The feedback from our client was thanks for the email and arranging everything. Great trip that I thought would be a once in a lifetime experience. However i’ll certainly be doing it again. Thanks once more.