London City Airport

‘The fastest way to the city’

Charter a private jet into the heart of London. Whether it’s a business trip or a holiday with the family, then fly direct with Falcona to London City Airport.

We have seen a steady increase in customer flights from Asia Pacific and China into London. These flights have been on luxury ultra long range aircraft such as the Bombardier Global 6000 and the Dassault Falcon 7X private jets.

Business travellers will benefit from flying private into London City as it’s located just 5 miles from Canary Wharf a hotspot for a lot of the major global companies.

Swift customs and immigration procedure. London City Airport’s Private Jet Centre is the only private jet centre actually situated within London itself, which means you arrives closer to the key business districts.

Speed and efficiency are appreciated by time-poor business travellers. The Jet Centre promises a 90 second transit from your car to the aircraft for both arriving and departing passengers.

While one immediately thinks of its challenging 5.5-degree steep approach, for which pilots and aircraft need special certification, and a short 1,500 m available for take-off that prevents full-fuel, full-payload departures.

city of london one of the leading centres of global finance. this view includes tower 42, gherkin,willis building, stock exchange tower, lloyds of london and canary wharf at the background.

{City of London one of the leading centres of global finance. this view includes Tower 42, Gherkin,Willis building, Stock Exchange tower, Lloyds of London and Canary Wharf at the background}

It’s all about location, location, location. London City is half or less the travel time from other airports to London’s popular areas such as Mayfair and Kensington, which are the final destinations for the majority of our clients.

Its competitors for customers flying into London, include TAG Farnborough, London Luton, Stansted and Biggin Hill.

Restricted Aircraft

Only aircraft operators who are able to demonstrate that their aircraft can operate within strict allowable limits can use London City Airport.

This includes noise, weight and other performance restrictions. In order to understand this prior to any scheduled or general movements being permissible noise trials must be conducted at the Airport.

The noise results of said trials (generated by the airport’s noise and track keeping system) are documented and provided to the local authority for approval. Once approved the aircraft is then allowed to operate on this basis.

It has dedicated personnel for ground handling, operations, security and immigration guaranteeing the best service for your customers.

Approved Aircraft

Recent aircraft approvals include the Global 6000, Falcon 8X, Citation Latitude, Embraer 550 and Gulfstream 280. The Gulfstream 650 and Challenger 350 are expected to be added this year.

{The Dassault Falcn 7X capable of flying into London City Airport}


Bombardier Global 6000 is approved to fly into London City Airport

{The Bombardier Global 6000 is approved to fly into London City Airport}

Airport operating hours

London City Airport’s operational hours are limited to minimise the impact on local residents. The airport is permitted to operate flights between the following hours:

  • 06.30 and 22.30 hours on weekdays
  • 06.30 and 13.00 hours on Saturdays
  • 12.30 and 22.30 on Sundays
  • 09.00 and 22.30 hours on Public or Bank Holidays
  • Full closure on 25 December

The limits imposed on London City Airport can be an issue for some business travellers. A lot of business travellers like to fly at a time that suits them, meaning that they may want to arrive late at night. This is true of those who fly from the East coast of America. With the time difference many of them will arrive in the UK after midnight.

So in some instances they have to find alternative airports such as Biggin Hill, Luton or Farnborough, which are all located approximately an hour away from the centre of London.

One of our regular clients has mentioned that if they can go into London City rather than Luton then they would prefer to do that. So when we source an aircraft for them we know which aircraft, operators and crew that are approved to fly into into London City.

Saving time for our clients.

The focus is on making the travel process so fluid that you won’t notice, how fast and efficient business travel to and from the UK’s financial centre is. 

For business travellers, London City Airport is a destination that provides ease of access to the financial district, but also for weekend and short breaks for those who love the West End and everything else London has to offer.

To enquire about a flight to London City Airport, please email us or call +44 (0)161 436 0124 today