Cannes Airport

Charter a private jet to Cannes Airport with Falcona, whether it’s for a family trip or you’re attending the Cannes Film Festival. Cannes is a popular private jet destination throughout the year, with the airport being extremely busy during the summer months.

Cannes Mandelieu, the second most important general aviation airport in France, is a dynamic platform that is highly attentive to customer needs and offers every convenience: high safety standards, rapid passenger handling, free parking in the immediate vicinity of the terminal, tailored services, and a polished welcome that is both friendly and professional.

A sunny climate, the beauty of the scenery set between the sea and the mountains, the luxury hotels and festivals, the Sophia Antipolis science park and a strategic geographical position in the Mediterranean basin… these are the assets that make the Côte d’Azur a key destination for both business travellers and those who simply want to enjoy its wonderful living conditions.

Nestled between the Estérel massif, the bay of Cannes and the Grasse region, Cannes Mandelieu Airport offers an exceptional gateway to the mythical French Riviera, from Saint-Tropez to the Principality of Monaco.
Complementing Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, more specifically dedicated to regular commercial flights, Cannes Mandelieu Airport focuses more on business aviation.

Cannes Airport’s main apron, allows to park planes and helicopters near each other so, direct connection from a plane to a helicopter, and vice versa, is really easy and efficient. Only few seconds are necessary to transfer passengers from an aircraft to another.

The airport’s size, which allows very short passenger handling times, the quality of its reception services, and its aviation facilities with an operations office able to deal with pilots’ needs individually, are just some of the services that make Cannes-Mandelieu the ideal airport for a demanding clientele.

Getting There

Citation XLS+ at Cannes Airport

Citation XLS+ at Cannes Airport

The pilots must prepare their flight with the greatest care before coming to Cannes Mandelieu, airport classified as category B.

The captain must comply with instructions relating to all the procedures used and the characteristics of the airport. The crew must acquaint themselves with these before the flight in addition to the official documentation. Prior permission and slots are required for arriving aircraft, which the FBO can assist in obtaining.

How Much?

Aircraft 1: Embraer Phenom 300

Seats: 8

Estimate Price: £25,000 week return

Aircraft 2: Dassault Falcon 7x

Seats: 15

Estimate Price: £55,000 week return