Bombardier Global 5000

Designed to deliver optimised comfort, speed and range.

A superior cabin to better access your world in spacious comfort with cutting edge technology.

The Global 5000 business jet is unsurpassed in its class, with superior cabin spaciousness, technologies and aesthetics. It’s extraordinary short-field and non-stop transcontinental capabilities, combined with its leading-edge flight deck reduce pilot workload and increase situational awareness giving unprecedented peace-of-mind.

Grace, power and levels of performance without compromise. The full-sized galley comes with a microwave, espresso machine, facilities for hot and cold food preparation and storage. 

The cabin features high-speed internet, LAN connections, satellite TV, a multimedia system (including a multi-disc CD player, two DVD players, and 3-D maps), wireless phones, scanner and fax machines, and several touch screens to control the cabin’s systems.

The cabin itself is very comfortable; sound insulation has been improved from the Global Express so that cabin noise levels never exceed 52 dB. A new window design lets in more light and provides a better view, and long-life LEDs provide better cabin illumination.

Special seat cushions designed by NASA, which mould to a passenger’s body shape when activated by their body heat, can be added if desired.

Speed and range to fly Paris to Chicago or Berlin to Washington approximately one hour faster than the competitor.





Transform the way you travel for business.

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