Aircraft Guide

Falcona has access to an extensive range of luxury modern aircraft, from the world’s leading aircraft operators.

So whether you want a mid size jet to whisk you away for a weekend in Milan or a ultra long range jet for that all important meeting in New York, we provide what you need.

We specialise in large cabin aircraft, for that true private jet experience. These aircraft range from nine to nineteen passengers . The choice is yours.

Private Jet Charter - Aircraft Guide - Falcona Private Jets
Private Jet Charter - VIP Airliner Jets


Ideal for larger groups e.g. for the transfer of VIP Heads Of State, Royal Families, corporate events or music tours. Many come equipped with seated conference areas, living room areas, master bedrooms and even shower rooms.

Private Jet Charter - Ultra Long Range Jets


These jets are considered as the most luxurious of all private charter jets available.

Ideal for long transatlantic flights such as London to Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo to New York non stop.

Private Jet Charter - Heavy Jets


The ultimate flying experience.  Heavy Jets are the most exclusive choice for non stop flights for up to 9 hours, providing the greatest number of amenities in the highest level of comfort. Extremely popular with VIPs and executives.

Private Jet Charter - Super Mid-Size Jets


Full standing headroom, luxury spacious cabins, flight attendant and great luggage capacity – ideal for VIPs, business executives and family holidays. Seating for up to 10 passengers and up to 7 hours flying time.


Mid-Size Jets are the perfect balance between luxury and economy. Suitable for the longer business trip or large family holidays, with a full stand up cabin and hot meal service and on-board toilet. They also have an optional flight attendant and a greater luggage capacity.

Private Jet Charter - Super Light Jets


Ideal for passengers needing to visit several destinations in one day, with seating for up to 8 passengers and up to 4 hours flying time. They provide access to smaller airports and have the speed to be an effective business travel tool.

Falcona Private Jets acts on behalf of its clients and serves as an agent/broker. Falcona Private Jets does not own or operate aircraft.