Football Private Jet Trips 

This is where Falcona excels, with our expert knowledge of football and where to go in order to have the best private jet football experience. Falcona offers private jet charter for football flights to destinations such as Barcelona, Manchester, Munich, Milan and Madrid. These are unique football travel experiences.

With Falcona a private jet football break experience is an exciting way to travel to matches for the day or the weekend. Private jet charter is a quick and efficient way to travel to matches on your own schedule. You eliminate all the things that frustrate you about flying on commercial airlines.

So if you’re looking to attend a Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga or a Champions League match then Falcona will make your trip a fantastic experience.

Why you should charter a private jet for your football break? 

  1. Fly direct to the nearest airport.
  2. Day return flights only possible with a private jet charter flight.
  3. Eliminate delays, cancellations and lost luggage.
  4. Private jet charter allows you to choose your own schedule,
  5. 20 minute check in, minimal bag restrictions, fast track security screening, pre cleared passports,
  6. Choice of aircraft and gourmet catering.
  7. Enjoy the privacy, convenience and enhanced security that travelling by private jet provides.
  8. There are over 3,000 private jets on our database that we search, and we select the best aircraft that suits your requirements.