Empty Leg Flights

What Is An Empty Leg?

An empty leg charter is a unscheduled return flight when an aircraft is either flying without passengers back to base or to a designated destinationThere are often plenty of empty leg charter flights available, so contact us with your travel date and we will try to match your requirements. Save up to 75% on private jet flights.

Empty leg flight prices are for the whole aircraft, so the more seats you fill the less you pay per person. Empty leg charter flights offer significant savings by taking advantage of aircraft that are scheduled to take a passenger one-way, and will then return to their base location empty, i.e. an empty leg.

These one-way empty legs are a lot cheaper, due to several variable costs that are eliminated and because they are often less flexible than true client specified on-demand charter flights. Utilizing one-way flights will get you access to the same industry-leading safety rated luxury private jets, but at a fraction of the cost! Many of our clients who are flexible with their travel, book empty leg flights.

Need to know…

Empty leg flights are constantly changing, so we recommend that if you see route that matches yours, then book it soon as possible otherwise it will be gone. Remember the more seats you fill on the aircraft, the cheaper per person your empty leg flight.



If you’re interested in an empty leg flight, then please do not hesitate to contact us with your request.