Enhance the way you travel and maximise your time. Whether it’s for business or pleasure a private jet charter flight is a quick and efficient way to travel.  You eliminate all the things that frustrate you about flying on commercial airlines. With Falcona, you only fly with people you know, in a safe and secure environment. Get rid of constant delays, cancellations and lost luggage.

Private jet charter allows you to choose your own schedule, swift check in, minimal bag restrictions, fast track security screening, choice of aircraft and gourmet catering. Enjoy the privacy, convenience and enhanced security that travelling by private jet provides.

For all our charter flights, we offer complimentary newspapers, VIP catering suitable for the time of day, along with wines and champagne.Using the business aviation VIP facility, allows you to turn up just fifteen minutes before your scheduled departure. There is always speedy boarding, minimal delays; you are pre-cleared with immigration and customs.