If you’re booking a private jet for the first time or you have been flying regular, the same still applies. When you fly private, safety should be your top priority, not price. Your safety is our number one priority which is why we don’t compromise when it comes to choosing a private jet operator for your flight. We will only ever work with reputable charter operators and our choice is not determined by price alone.

Due to the limited external scrutiny of private jet operators, it’s extremely important that you charter the correct aircraft and use the best operators available for your flight. As your broker we will inform you about the best practices for safety in the private jet industry. Not only will we research the operator, we will also check the audit history and if any problems have arisen with the operator.


  1. International Standard For Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO)
  2. Aviation Research Group US (ARG/US)
  3. Wyvern
  4. Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF)

*Falcona Private Jets does not own, manage or operate any aircraft.