Music Tours 

Are you looking to organise a UK and European music tour? Why not charter a private jet or helicopter to arrive at your concert on time and in style. You can fly at a time that suits you, in an aircraft that can seat all your crew together. Your safety and security are our main priorities for you when flying to different venues. If you need to be at another venue on the same day, a private jet or a helicopter charter flight is the ideal way to travel.

Flying private you can arrive just thirty minutes before you’re due to depart. There are no long security lines or checking in procedures to contend with, you just breeze through the VIP terminal and head straight to your jet. On arrival your chauffeurs will collect you from your jet on the ramp for a more discreet arrival and whisk you to your destination.

Depending on where you’re coming from and those travelling on the aircraft, Falcona will be able to assist all your requirements. Customs and immigration will need to be cleared and with our help we can help speed up the process. Organising a music tour can be unpredictable and fast paced, ideal for private jet charter. Concerts may get cancelled at late notice, which may require a change in the schedule.