Embraer Legacy 600

The Embraer Legacy’s 13-passenger cabin offers more space than any other business jet in its category, designed to support all the necessities of the well-equipped in-flight office. It also has the largest baggage compartment of any business jet – all of it accessible in-flight as well as on the ground, allowing you to bring equipment for presentations, or reams of important documents, without sacrificing space in the Legacy’s cabin.

At altitude, the Legacy can efficiently cruise over 3,700 miles and the Legacy 650 can cruise over 4,400 miles with eight passengers, a range that allows you to cost-effectively put your team in the heart of new business opportunities.

Then there’s the wet galley, with every possible convenience to help you arrive completely refreshed. We created the interior of the Legacy 600 with three distinct cabin zones to enable some passengers to work, while others sleep or dine.

Its 22 windows provide plenty of natural light, while ceiling heights easily accommodate tall passengers. The Legacy 600 is a jet that works as hard as you do. It has outstanding capability in hot or high destinations.