Here’s why a private jet charter is perfect for your next family holiday; Family holidays play a big part in private jet charter travel – as well as getting to your destination quicker, it’s a lot less of a hassle. Families are now flying together for amazing adventure holidays, for a more personal holiday.

We’ve seen a rise in two or three families chartering larger aircraft and splitting the costs between them. Not only is it cost effective but it’s also a more pleasant way of flying especially with young children and babies. Travelling with your family in a safe and secure environment makes the journey much more pleasant. You don’t have to arrive 2 hours before your flight with a charter flight, saving you and your family lots of time and hassle. You can turn up twenty minutes before it’s due to leave.

No more delays, cancellations or lost luggage. When you decide to charter a private jet, it’s all about the personal service you receive and the attention to detail each trip is given.



Family walking to their aircraft, after going through security.

1) Travelling with children

If you’re travelling with babies, then this is even more stressful, especially flying commercial. Not only do you have to lug all the prams, carriers and food, you then have to store it either in the overhead  lockers.

citation mustang

Travelling with babies and children much easier.

On arrival you will have to wait at least 30 minutes to collect all your belongings before loading it into your car. If you fly by private jet all this can be eliminated, babies will have their own seat. It’s a comfortable and a safer environment for your child to be in. Once you arrive you can just collect your luggage and be on your way. No stress, no hassle.

Screening (2)

Quick Check In And Screening

2) Catering

 By chartering a private jet for your trip, you can choose the kind of food that your family will eat. If any of your family or friends are allergic to certain foods or you can’t eat it for religious reasons then all this can be arranged before your flight with the local catering company. If your family would prefer a gourmet meal or a favourite restaurant then this can also be organised for your flight.

global 5000 catering

Fine dining on larger aircraft such as Global 5000 private jet.

3) Get Closer 

 this is typically during the winter season when families want to fly to ski resorts in Europe or the US. Many of these are located close to the resort but are typically difficult to land at especially for larger aircraft. Many commercial aircraft do not fly to unprofitable airports or locations that are hard to reach. Resorts such as Courchevel and Innsbruck are allowed only certain aircraft.

4) Customised Experience

For the children, we can create an incredible experience in the cabin. It can be turned into a spooky design for Halloween or we can organise a little egg hunt at Easter. Not only is it fun for you and the kids, it keeps them occupied. These are memories you’re creating to last them a lifetime.

Falcona Interior

Fully customised experience for a flight.

5) Cost

Although a private jet flight can’t compete based on price alone, the cost gap between a premium class flight is marginal. If you fill the aircraft with enough passengers then this keeps costs down.


Privacy And Comfort

6) Child Friendly

As the cabin is all yours, you will be able to avoid the constant looks from fellow passengers if your child is crying or being noisy. Flying by private jet allows you to relax and not worry about what others may say or are thinking. The cabin is a playroom in the sky for your little one.

snacks kids

Sweets and snacks for the children.

7) Wheelchair Access

Private jets are perfect for clients who find it difficult to board commercial aircraft. The process can be long and slow where as a private flight allows you to board your aircraft swiftly with your family. You don’t have to worry about other passengers and on-board you can relax in comfortable surroundings, knowing that everything will be taken care of. A wheel chair and help can be arranged at your departure and arrival terminals, so that you can get on and off the aircraft with ease.

Disabled Access

Access to private terminal, is easier for wheel chair access.

When it comes to freedom and flexibility, there is truly no better way to travel with children than by chartering a private jet. Ready for a quote for your trip? A private jet flight for your holidays with friends or family offers you a stress free mode of travel. Everything is tailored around your needs.

If you would like to book a private jet for your family holiday, then please contact us on; +44 (0)161 436 0124 or email


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