Which Program Is Best For You?

What’s the best way to fly private? Is it charter, jet card or fractional? There are a few ways that you can fly private these days, however a charter flight is the most cost effective way to fly private. As a charter broker Falcona Private Jets has access to aircraft that are owned and managed by operators. What this does is give us access to a wider choice of aircraft to suit your journey. Around 3,000 aircraft are available to you to charter.

  • How often do you travel?
  • Where do you fly on a regular basis?
  • How long do you stay?
  • How many people generally travel with you?
  • How many hours do you spend in the air every year?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before committing to jet card programs, fractional aircraft ownership or whole aircraft ownership; the answers to the questions will give you a better idea of what is the best solution for you;

You will always be on an aircraft that is directly managed by the charter operator. We will always do a check of the operator company and its history. You will be on the most modern aircraft available.

There are a handful of clients that don’t mind flying on a slightly older aircraft, as long as it has been maintained well and in many cases the interior will have been refurbished. The pilots for your journey will be type rated on that aircraft so will know everything about that aircraft.


The Pilots Are Of The Highest Standards


We will always ensure that we are careful to select an operator that maintain their aircraft to the highest aviation standards. Using a charter broker you have to be one hundred per cent sure that they choose the operator of the highest quality, since the majority of charter brokers dictate their selection on the lowest cost provider and not generally the operator with the highest quality service. Your best interests are not in their mind, it’s just another sale.

  1. No upfront costs – With a charter flight you don’t need to be a member. A charter flight allows you to budget and plan your trips throughout the year. Jet cards are only worthwhile if you generally fly 25-50 hours per year. Jet cards also require an upfront payment or deposit to join the programme. With a jet card they generally charter the cheapest and oldest aircraft in order to make a profit.  As a result the product and service may be inconsistent. Your best interests are not at the heart of the deal.
  2. You can fly on the same –  If not better aircraft. A charter flight allows you to charter the same aircraft, with no drop in quality of aircraft and service. As your charter broker we can use just Wyvern rated Wingman Operator for your sense of safety and reliability.
  3. If you fly less than 300-400 hour per year - then owning a private jet outright will not make any financial sense which is why a fractional flight is ideal if you fly one way journey regular, guaranteed an aircraft, you’re buying a share of a plane but don’t actually own it. You also have to pay monthly fees for maintenance as well as other fees such as fuel, although you do get free position which can be costly with charter flights. You’re basically subsidising others one way flight which isn’t as cost effective as charter round trips.
  4. Safety Standards – No difference in quality of aircraft used by fractional and charter companies – charter operators get independent audits throughout the year. Wyvern Wingman Gold status equal safety standards and practices involved with charter flights and fractional. Charter flights have the same safety standards as commercial aviation. It is under regulation and supervision by the CAA, which looks after commercial aircraft. If you’re a safety concious flyer then we have access to aircraft that are Wyvern Wingman operators ensuring that the standards and service are reliable and consistent. The aircraft used are generally newer although we feel that just because an aircraft is older it is not safe. A well maintained aircraft is what matters and it’s safer. Where you may find that older aircraft may be old worn and tatty. We prefer our clients to fly on newer, more comfortable aircraft. Pilots are trained to the highest aviation standards possible. They’re specifically trained on that aircraft, meaning that their knowledge of the aircraft is second to none.
  5. Wider Choice Of Aircraft - With a private jet charter, you have access to over 3,00 aircraft. You’re always guaranteed an aircraft. All different types and cabin sizes, allowing you to fly on an aircraft that suits your needs. Passenger capacity, range of aircraft, luggage space, on-board cabin amenities are all taken into account for choosing your aircraft.  You will also be able to access these aircraft at peak periods. Budget planning your trips is a lot easier with a charter flight.



Charter Flights Are The Most Cost Effective Way To Fly Private


Charter is by far the most convenient and cost effective means of private jet travel, compared to fractional and owning an aircraft. Jet cards are just another form of charter brokering.

So as with chartering , you will need to ensure that you’re selecting the best and most appropriate program that puts you and your family or colleagues first. A lot depends on your circumstances so it’s best that you do your research and speak to someone before you charter a flight.

For more information or to book your private jet charter flight, please email info@falconaprivatejets.com or call +44 (0)161 436 0124



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