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Private jet charter is the pinnacle of air travel whether it’s for business or pleasure. A private jet flight will make your journey memorable for all the right reasons. The beauty of private jet travel is that there is no queuing, no passport control (pre cleared), no need for baggage check on smaller aircraft and no hanging around the terminal for hours.

FBO (5)

Private terminal located away from the main busy terminal

Without any doubt the best thing about private jet travel is the time you save and the convenience. The whole experience is enjoyable from start to finish. There is no need to worry about where to park as you will be able to park up or be dropped off right outside the terminal doors.

Private Terminal

Once inside the terminal you will be greeted by the warm and friendly staff (makes a nice change), and then your luggage will be then loaded straight on to the aircraft. Here you can relax, read a newspaper, have snacks whilst the staff and pilots get your jet ready for your flight.

Most private jet fixed base operators (FBO) lounges are furnished to a very high standard with comfortable sofas, wi-fi and tv. Large panoramic windows overlooking the runway, where you can see your private jet a few yards away waiting for you.

Passenger Lounge

Passenger Lounge

Rather than waiting in a line with other passengers, there is no check-in as it’s all been pre cleared; instead your pilot for the flight will come and greet you and let you know the aircraft is ready for departure. You will then be escorted to your private jet by a member of staff and the First Officer.

A short safety brief from the co-pilot and an equally short take off, you will be given your catering as and when you please along with any newspapers or magazines, you’ve ordered.


Stay fresh during long flights.


On-board you will find stand up cabins with luxurious leather seats, and divans that convert into beds if you need a nap. State-of-the-art entertainment systems such as DVD, CDs, to help you pass the time.


Comfortable and spacious interior

Fold out tables allow you work or eat your meal in comfort, also laptop power should you need to stay in contact with colleagues or just to browse the internet. A quiet cabin allows you to talk to the rest of your colleagues or friends.

With exceptional privacy, service and comfort your private jet will allow you to arrive refreshed and ready for the day ahead. A key part of the appeal of flying private is that your aircraft can land at smaller airports located closer to your final destination.


Modern, spacious aircraft make flying more enjoyable.


With access to over 7,000 airports and 3,000 aircraft worldwide, we can customise your travel needs specifically to your requirements from anywhere around the globe, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our devoted team are here to ensure that you receive the best impartial advice for your trip.

Why charter a private jet with Falcona?

  • We save you time by searching over 3,000 aircraft worldwide to find you the best available aircraft for your journey.
  • No upfront membership fees or monthly management fees.
  • Great service, delivered time and time again.
  • We only select the best operators and aircraft. Falcona will not compromise our commitment, to providing you with the safest aircraft and crew for every flight.
  • Complimentary chauffeur-drive service at Manchester Airport.
  • Discreet and confidential service.

For more details or to book a flight email or call +44 (0)161 436 0124

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