Citation Bravo on the ramp ready for departure

Our clients  a family of six had flown out to Faro, Portugal on a Citation Bravo aircraft two weeks earlier. A couple of days prior to the return date, Falcona received a phone call from the operator to say that the aircraft had gone ‘tech’

Original Aircraft 

The original aircraft was a Citation Bravo, which Falcona has chartered previously and had a good experience with the operators. The jet flew into Manchester about an hour before departure to take our clients to Faro for their holiday in the Algarve. There were four adults and two children on the seven seater aircraft.

On arrival at Manchester Airport the passengers were greeted by the handling agents and taken to the passenger lounge, where they could relax and have a quick cup of tea or coffee before departure.

Prior to the booking the PA who had booked the flight asked Falcona about the size of the toilet on the aircraft. If you have never flown on a smaller jet then we always recommend that you nip to the bathroom before your flight. We told her that it’s small but enclosed. There isn’t much room for manoeuvre.

Once the luggage was loaded onto the aircraft and the aircraft was ready. They were escorted out onto the ramp by handling agent staff and the Captain, where they boarded the aircraft. A safety brief was given to them and information about the catering, before the engines were started. The flight was around three hours and thirty minutes due to a strong headwind.

Citation Bravo 

The Citation Bravo is one of Cessna’s best selling private jets and is an ideal choice for travelling on shorter trips around Europe. The Bravo is able to accommodate up to seven passengers and is comfortably configured with reclining leather seats.

The streamlined aircraft is capable of flying you as swiftly and smoothly as possible to your chosen destination. It can reach high altitudes enabling it to voyage above inclement weather. With a comfortable interior, including full reclining leather seat sit provides the perfect environment to manage your business project or family holiday. Comfortable revolving chairs, extra headroom, a long list of options, elaborate noise insulation all of these are a clear indication that this space was created especially with work and relaxation in mind.

The aircraft is equipped with a refreshment centre offering a fully stocked bar and an enclosed lavatory is located at the rear of the aircraft. It’s a popular choice of aircraft for clients flying from the UK to their holiday destination. Lots of baggage space for suitcases and it is also good for ski and golf equipment.

Citation Bravo interior

Citation Bravo interior

As your broker we take a full and honest approach with all our clients, who we called the moment we found out, to let them know the situation. They were to be delayed by a couple of hours, but as they could check out of their hotel at 12 so it worked out just fine.

What does it mean to go tech?  

Basically just like your car or motorbike, things can go wrong with a private jet aircraft. The term AOG  in aviation means ‘aircraft on the ground’ and it wont be able to fly due to a technical problem.

When a situation like this arises our first concern is for the safety of our clients and getting them to their destination without any delays or disruptions. This is inevitable with aircraft and the best thing as a broker is to be prepared for all eventualities and work with the best companies who can help solve the problem.

phenom 300 tech

Phenom 300 at Manchester Airport after bringing clients back from Faro Airport

In a situation like this Falcona organises with the operator to find another suitable aircraft to fly clients back home. Similar to the commercial airlines when they source another aircraft. The next day Falcona spoke to the operator and they had booked a Phenom 300 aircraft at no extra cost to the clients or Falcona.

New aircraft 

The aircraft that they were upgraded to was a super light Phenom 300 private jet. Seats 6 in a comfortable spacious environment. 6 passengers and a small baby.  s a clean-sheet design delivering top-tier speed, climb and field performance; next-generation avionics; and exceptional cabin and baggage capacity. Class-leading fuel efficiency further contributes to the Phenom 300’s breakthrough status.

The Phenom 300 exceeds the expectations of the light jet capabilities. The spacious interior, designed in collaboration with BMW provides passengers with a comfortable cabin with all the latest state of the art technology: It is one of the fastest jets in the light jet category. The Phenom 300 has seats that can fully recline, swivel, plus slide forward and back.

Phenom 300 interior

Phenom 300 interior

The Phenom 300 feels and flies like a larger aircraft, it has a commanding ramp presence with features such as an air-stair and a single point refuelling. It has the largest baggage compartment in its class and cabin temperature controls located by your seat.

A full galley for all your catering needs and a fully enclosed lavatory. The Phenom 300 can take off from challenging airports at high elevations and hot temperatures. Excellent fuel consumption and a redefined aerodynamic design this jet will not let you down.

phenom 300 tech

Phenom 300 entertainment system

With a range of 2200 miles and speed of 520mph, the seven passenger Phenom 300 will allow you and your colleagues non-stop flights: This range will allow you to fly non-stop from Miami – Telluride or Los Angeles to Orlando. London to Morroco or London to Russia.


AirShow, DVD player, Enclosed lavatory, Flight phone, Freon air conditioning, Headsets, iPod Station, Leather seats, Pets allowed, Satellite phone, Ski tube, Television

Ramp presence is strong

Phenom 300 exterior

The Phenom 300’s ramp presence is an enviable one, especially at night with its impressive “air stair” down and the lights turned on. The aircraft has the largest entrance door area in its class.

The return flight

The Phenom 300 was located at Lisbon Airport so was perfect for a charter flight for our clients who were travelling back from Faro, Portugal. We were kept up to date of when the aircraft had departed Lisbon and on it’s arrival at Faro Airport. The aircraft arrived an hour before departure, with the crew sorting out the aircraft for our clients.

Our clients arrived at the airport at around 14.30L local time at Faro Airport, and they were met by the handling agents and the new pilots for their flight home.  Soon as they were ready they were escorted to the aircraft and boarded the plane home.

Falcona were at Manchester Airport to meet them upon their arrival. On the outbound flight one of the children had left their Frozen bag ( the programme that all children love)! behind on the aircraft. Falcona was able to get the bag to our clients, the child was very happy to see the bag again.

The flight was great and the replacement aircraft was really nice and comfortable for the family. We had an extra couple hours in the sun so everything was fine. Thanks.

phenom 300 tech

The flight crew of the Phenom 300 aircraft

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