So your commercial international flight departs at 06:30 am from London Heathrow Airport. You need to arrive at the airport three hours prior. Once you manage to get there, you have to go through the long process of check-in lines and security lines. Once all that is done you still have to wait around the terminal for nearly another hour before you actually take off. Who has that much time to waste?….


Business aviation is the use of aircraft to transport your company staff from place to place. It brings freedom, flexibility and gain. It frees you from tight airline schedules and can save you time by allowing  you to depart and arrive at a time that suits your needs as well as being able to make complicated multi-stop day trips which could not be achieved by scheduled services.

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  1. Saving employee time
  2. Increasing productivity en-route
  3. Minimise time away from family
  4. Maximise personal safety and peace of mind
  5. Managed control over efficient and reliable scheduling

Business jet charter is extremely popular with companies who prefer to travel without the hassle of delays, cancellations and lengthy check-in procedures. A business jet can benefit your company and employees. Studies have shown that employees are 20% more productive on a business jet, than a commercial flight.

As you know business travel on a commercial flight can be a tedious, unreliable and an uncomfortable experience at the best of times. We realise that you want a more customised end to end travel itinerary. From small to mid-size companies to large businesses and multi-national corporations, Falcona Private Jets can organise a tailor made solution for you. Your time and money is important to your business. Private jets rarely get cancelled, compared to commercial flights.

Delays and cancellations cost your business, money in the long run. If you arrive at the terminal slightly late, your aircraft will be ready and waiting, to fly to your next destination. You can be home the same day spending more time with the family, instead of staying in a hotel overnight. The main benefit to your company is an increase in the productivity of your employees.

They can work in a quiet environment en route to meetings. Being able to control pretty much all of your travel plans. Not only can your employees work in privacy, the stress and inconvenience caused by travelling commercial is eliminated. Not only is it a more efficient and reliable schedule, your company can project a positive corporate image. It shows that you value your time and most importantly your clients time.



1) London

London is one of the pre-eminent financial centres of the world as the most important location for international finance. London’s largest industry is finance, and its financial exports make it a large contributor to the UK’s balance of payments. London has over 480 overseas banks, more than any other city in the world.


Over half of the UK’s top 100 listed companies (the FTSE 100) and over 100 of Europe’s 500 largest companies have their headquarters in central London. Over 70 per cent of the FTSE 100 are within London’s metropolitan area, and 75 per cent of Fortune 500 companies have offices in London.

global 5000

The Global 5000 business jet is designed to deliver optimized comfort, speed and range. It is unsurpassed in its class, with superior cabin spaciousness, technologies and aesthetics. It’s extraordinary short-field and non-stop transcontinental capabilities, combined with its leading-edge flight deck reduce pilot workload and increase situational awareness giving unprecedented peace-of-mind. Grace, power and levels of performance without compromise.

London Luton Airport

Although further from the city centre of London than London City, London Luton Airport is only 2 miles from the M1, meaning for those arriving at Luton by private jet there is very quick access to the city centre by car.The airport itself is the UK’s busiest for private jet traffic, despite also being an active commercial international airport.

The FBO’s are:

  • Harrods Aviation
  • Landmark Aviation
  • Signature Flight Support

To get right into the heart of London, you can charter a private jet to London City Airport. It’s the only airport actually located in London, just 7 miles to the financial city it’s perfectly located for business charter. On arrival it takes just two minutes to alight the aircraft, clear customs and into a waiting car.


2) New York

A global power city, New York City exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment.

USA WALL ST 29945096 - wall street sign in new york with new york stock exchange background

Home to the headquarters of the United Nations, New York is an important centre for international diplomacy and has been described as the cultural and financial capital of the world.


Teterboro Airport is located only twelve miles from Mid-town Manhattan – which, when you consider the huge scale of the urban area of New York City, makes it an incredibly convenient airport for those travelling to the Big Apple by private jet. The airport maintains a weight limit of 100,000 lbs per aircraft, which largely limits traffic to general aviation, as was the intention.

On top of the lack of commercial traffic, the airport also benefits from five FBO’s –

  • Atlantic Aviation
  • Landmark Aviation
  • Jet Aviation
  • Meridian Teterboro
  • Signature Flight Support


3) Washington

has a growing, diversified economy with an increasing percentage of professional and business service jobs.Many organizations such as law firms, independent contractors , non-profit organizations, lobbying firms, trade unions, industry trade groups, and professional associations have their headquarters in or near D.C. to be close to the federal government. Four of the largest 500 companies in the country were headquartered in the District.


General aviation services at Washington Dulles International Airport are handled by:

  1. Signature Flight Support
  2. Jet Aviation

Straddling Fairfax and Loudoun counties, Washington Dulles International Airport offers quick access to Washington, D.C., as well as many recreational attractions of Northern Virginia. Whether you plan to visit the Washington, D.C. area for business, Washington Dulles is your best destination.


4) Boston 

A global city, Boston is placed among the top 30 most economically powerful cities in the world.Boston’s colleges and universities exert a significant impact on the regional economy. Boston attracts more than 350,000 college students from around the world, who contribute more than $4.8 billion annually to the city’s economy. The city is home to a number of technology companies and is a hub for biotechnology.

The city is considered highly innovative for a variety of reasons, including the presence of academia, access to venture capital, and the presence of many high-tech companies. Other important industries are financial services, especially mutual funds and insurance.

The full-sized galley comes with a microwave, espresso machine, facilities for hot and cold food preparation and storage, and a custom china and cutlery set.
The cabin features a Rockwell Collins Cabin Electronics System (CES), which provides high-speed internet, LAN connections, satellite TV, a multimedia system (including a multi-disc CD player, two DVD players, and 3-D maps), wireless phones, scanner and fax machines, and several touch screens to control the cabin’s systems. The cabin itself is very comfortable; sound insulation has been improved from the Global Express so that cabin noise levels never exceed 52 dB.



  1. Boston Logan Airport is the largest airport in New England and handles almost all international flights for the area. It is the 12th busiest airport in the United States for international traffic. Boston Logan uses the most modern technology to ensure maximum efficiency and speed. Passengers travelling on private aircraft in New England prefer Boston Logan International for the comfort, convenience, efficiency.  It ranks fifth on the list of the top ten best airports for private aircraft travel.
  2. Boston/Bedford is located just 20 miles Northwest of Boston at Hanscom Field Airport, it offers an efficient, time-saving alternative to Logan Airport for those flying into the New England area.


5) Zürich

A leading financial centre and global city. The Greater Zürich Area is Switzerland’s economic centre and home to a vast number of international companies. By far the most important sector in the economy of Zürich is the service industry, which employs nearly four-fifths of workers. Other important industries include light industry, machine and textile industries and tourism.

Most Swiss banks have their headquarters in Zürich and there are numerous foreign banks in the Greater Zürich Area. Located in Zürich, the Swiss Stock Exchange was established in 1877 and is nowadays the fourth most prominent stock exchange in the world. In addition Zürich is the world’s largest gold trading centre. Ten of the country’s 50 largest companies have their head offices in Zürich, among them ABB, UBS, Credit Suisse, Swiss Re and Zürich Financial Services.


  • Also known as Kloten Airport, it’s Switzerland’s largest international airport serving the area as a major hub for domestic and international flights. Zurich Airport is one of the main private jet airports in Switzerland – with 4 separate private jet terminal serving the airport.


6) San Francisco

The epicentre of the tech world. It’s economy has diversified away from finance and tourism towards the growing fields of high tech, biotechnology, and medical research. Technology jobs accounted for just 1 percent of San Francisco’s economy in 1990, growing to 4 percent in 2010 and an estimated 8 percent by the end of 2013. San Francisco became the heart beat of Internet start-up companies during the dot-com bubble and the subsequent social media boom.


  1. Signature Flight Support’s FBO at San Francisco International Airport is the only FBO at the airport at present. Located 13 miles from the city centre.
  2. San Jose International Airport, 40 miles from the city centre.
  3. Hayward Executive Airport, is located 34 miles from the city centre and is the preferred option for private jet travellers.
  4. Oakland International Airport, located just 12 miles from the city centre.


7) Singapore

SINGAPORE 47356261 - singapore skyline on marina bay.
Singapore is a global commerce, finance and transport hub. Its standings include: the most “technology-ready” nation, top International-meetings city,, city with “best investment potential”,second-most competitive country, third-largest foreign exchange market, third-largest financial centre, third-largest oil refining and trading centre, and the second-busiest container port. The country has also been identified as a tax haven.


  • Singapore Changi Airport, is the choice terminal for private jets, the terminal is equipped and furnished to serve up a comprehensive suite of top-notch VIP services, including  immigration clearance, a well-appointed lounge, as well as a limousine service that escorts elite guests to and from their aircraft.
  • Seletar Airport offers business aviation users the flexibility to plan their flights to best suit their needs. Singapore as a destination for high net-worth individuals and multi-national companies, Seletar Airport has the unique offering of an uncongested secondary airport with greater privacy, flexibility and convenience. It can handle business jet operations to the class of Bombardier Global Express XRS or Gulfstream G55O.

8) Hong Kong

It’s one of the world’s most significant financial centres, Hong Kong’s tertiary sector dominated economy is characterised by simple taxation with a competitive level of corporate tax and supported by international confidence in its independent judiciary system where the rule of law, not rule by law, applies to legal, contractual proceedings.

G550 interior is spacious and comfortable for long flights to China.

Low-altitude pressurization requires less exertion from the body and ensures passengers arrive at their destinations refreshed and alert. The G550’s quiet interior also improves the cabin experience. The G550 layouts accommodate beds for seven people, and the option of multiple seating areas creates a combination of uses, including a dedicated crew rest area, a private stateroom, conference area and entertainment space. Most aircraft are configured with a forward galley, crew rest area and lavatory. The main passenger cabin has three sections, usually including a forward, four-chair club section and a variety of different layouts in the mid and aft cabin that can be configured with a four-seat conference grouping, credenza, four-place divans and pairs of facing chairs, among other furnishings.

Hong Kong Airport 

  • As one of the world’s more congested airports, Hong Kong can be a problem for business travellers, similar to London Heathrow Airport. Prior permission is required (PPR) and landing permit requirements add to the dilemma of chartering a business jet to Hong Kong.


9) Chicago

It’s a major world financial centre, with the second-largest central business district in the United States. The city is the headquarters of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (the Seventh District of the Federal Reserve). The city has major financial and futures exchanges, including the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

The state of Illinois is home to 66 Fortune 1000 companies, including those in Chicago. The city of Chicago also hosts 12 Fortune Global 500 companies and 17 Financial Times 500 companies. The city claims one Dow 30 company: aerospace giant Boeing, which moved its headquarters from Seattle to the Chicago Loop in 2001 Two more Dow 30 companies, Kraft Foods and McDonald’s.


The Bombardier Global 6000 is a long range business jet. Far from cabin traffic, in the quietest part of the aircraft, the aft stateroom—with its luxurious seating, full berthing divan, spacious wardrobe and independent temperature and entertainment systems—offers uncompromising serenity. Here, the Global 6000 aircraft truly excels in ensuring that you reach your destination rested, refreshed and ready for the day ahead. The cabin seats themselves are ergonomically crafted, with their substantial width, adjustable headrests, recliner-style leg-rests, and track and swivel capabilities—flexibility that allows you to comfortably berth and sleep seven during overnight flights.



  • Located in Chicago, Illinois, on the city’s south-west side, just eight miles from the Loop. It is the second-largest passenger airport in the Chicago metropolitan area, as well as the state of Illinois. Located in Chicago, Illinois, the Midway International Airport is located on the South-west side of Chicago. Midway International Airport is the second largest airport in the state of Illinois, after O’Hare. Private planes were the first to take off from Chicago Midway International, and corporate aircraft charters still makes up a large percentage of the airport’s traffic. The airport’s convenient location and efficient design make it ideal for corporate aircraft charters and executive jet travellers. Private jet charter through Midway International allows them to their destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible.


10) Tokyo

It has the largest metropolitan economy in the world. 51 of the companies listed on the Fortune Global 500 are based in Tokyo. Tokyo is a major international finance centre, houses the headquarters of several of the world’s largest investment banks and insurance companies, and serves as a hub for Japan’s transportation, publishing, electronics and broadcasting industries.


  • With the new general aviation terminal opening in Narita, Japan, the choices in Tokyo have never been better for business aviation charters. Airport slots are easier to obtain and recent extension of operating hours at Haneda Airport, Japan , a one hour drive to central Tokyo, it has improved access to Tokyo. While many operators prefer to take advantage of close-to-downtown Narita, a fifteen minute drive to the centre.


Why Charter A Private Aircraft For Your Business?

  • Schedule Predictability – No delays, cancellations or connecting flights.
  • Reach Multiple Destinations – Quickly and efficiently in one day saving the need for overnight stops.
  • Access Remote Areas – Private aircraft have access to twice as many airports compared to commercial airlines; available for business aircraft.
  • Increasing Employee Productivity – Employees can meet, plan and work en route. Largest value driver, because using business jets improves people’s work environment/quality of life; thus higher productivity returns and higher value.
  • Save Time – Arrive 20 minutes before your departure, no security queues or baggage delays.


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