11-22 May 2017 

Fly in style this year to Cannes Film Festival on a private jet. The Cannes Film Festival is the largest film industry event in Europe, and one of the most prestigious in the world. It’s an annual film festival held in the beautiful and glamorous city of Cannes, France, which previews new films of all genres, including documentaries, from all around the world. Founded in 1946, the invitation-only festival is held annually at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. The Côte d’Azur provides a stunning backdrop for all the Cannes festivities.

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This is an extremely busy event for private jet charter, with lots of aircraft making there way from all over Europe to Cannes. Falcona will get you close to all the most convenient airports, to make your journey and experience a memorable one.


Falcona have access to a variety of private jets to suit your needs. Falcona have access to over 3,000 registered, managed and owned private jets worldwide, from 4 passenger aircraft such as the Phenom 100 to the ultra long range private jets such as a Gulfstream G550 for transcontinental flights. We select only the best aircraft to suit your needs.



Citation Bravo is a popular aircraft for charter flights into Cannes and Nice airports for the Cannes Film Festival.


  • With a comfortable interior, including full reclining leather seat sit provides the perfect environment to manage your business project or family holiday. Once you have climbed the steps into the Bravo and have taken your seat, the noise and bustle of the outside world seem to melt away into silence.
  • Comfortable revolving chairs, extra headroom, a long list of options, elaborate noise insulation all of these are a clear indication that this space was created especially with work and relaxation in mind.
  • The aircraft is equipped with a refreshment centre offering a fully stocked bar and an enclosed lavatory is located at the rear of the aircraft.





On larger aircraft such as the Challenger 850, come with a flight attendant.


  • Non-stop service effortlessly sustains business as usual, but also enables incomparable relaxation in a cabin with virtually the same amount of space found on an ultra-long-range aircraft. Secure in the knowledge that Challenger 850 aircraft engines are among the most tested and reliable in business aviation today, passengers can relax and enjoy a complete suite of in-flight entertainment capabilities or leverage state-of-the-art business communication technology.
  • An expansive interior. Efficiently productive. Prepare yourself for an aircraft that provides a new frame of reference by challenging the common wisdom that it’s best to stay grounded. It just feels right to soar above the competition. The Challenger 850 jet delivers trans-continental ease with a non-stop range of 2,811 nautical miles (5,206 km). Its brisk, high-speed cruise of Mach 0.80 can handle the most time-sensitive schedules. Its tried-and-true airframe has been proven in over six million hours of steadfast commercial service.
  • With this jet’s rugged airliner engines, stringently designed safety systems and outstanding dispatch and performance reliability, you’ll see that the Challenger 850 aircraft is both a smart and exciting choice.


Getting to Cannes

We recommend that you plan and book your charter jet flight as soon as possible. You have a variety of airports close to and around Cannes, any one of these airports offers easy access to Cannes. Smaller private jets can land at Cannes taking you directly into the heart of the Cote D’azure.

  1. Cannes-Mandelieu Airport  – Only three miles from Cannes, this airport offers scheduled flights as well as facilities for private jets.
  2. La Môle-Saint Tropez Airport – Airport offers a terminal building and hangar, a bar, and an aviation fuelling station. The location is just 10 miles south west of Saint-Tropez and about an hour and a half from Cannes. Newer private jet aircraft such as the Embraer Legacy 450 and 500 can now land at St Tropez, a notoriously difficult airport to land at.
  3. Monaco Heliport – The heliport is the only aviation facility available in Monaco. A flight will take approximately 15 minutes to Cannes. It is devoted strictly to helicopter travel and features one terminal.
  4. Nice Côte d’Azur Airport – The airport is approximately a 30 minute drive to Cannes. The airport is great for private jet travellers as an alternative to  Cannes due to its close proximity and opening times allowing for more flexibility.


Why Charter A Private Aircraft ?

  1. Schedule Predictability – No delays, cancellations or missed connecting flights.
  2. Access More Airports – Private aircraft have access to smaller airports compared to commercial airlines.
  3. Save Time – Arrive just 20 minutes before your departure, with no security queues or baggage delays.
  4. Privacy – is the best reason to consider a private jet to Cannes.





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