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Charter a private jet for your long haul destination flight and make your journey a more pleasant experience from start to finish. Whether it’s for business or pleasure we will make sure that your private jet experience is a memorable one. More of our clients are either flying direct to their destinations with the family or flying to a connecting airport to catch a commercial flight.

Travelling for business may sound glamorous, but it can actually be pretty stressful. Booking flights and co-ordinating journey times, coping with long check-in queues and waiting around in airports can leave you pretty stressed out even before you get to your meeting. More than nine in 10 business travellers suffer from stress. Of course, video-conferencing technology was meant to reduce much of the need for business travel, but it seems we humans still prefer meeting face-to-face.

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In a time where global unrest, terror attacks, security breaches and political unrest are increasingly common, employers must evaluate any potential dangers and the risks of sending employees abroad for work.

Business trips abroad; the most obvious problem jet-lag, which affects your sleep times and gastro-intestinal patterns. The condition is caused as the brain struggles to adjust to a new time zone, and affects mood, judgement and the ability to concentrate.  Jetlag can also impair your immune system, thereby raising the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.


As with occasional flyers, frequent travellers are at risk of developing deep-vein thrombosis and subtle discomforts such as dry eyes and dehydrated skin. But the disruption caused by travelling has wider consequences for business travellers. They have fewer opportunities for physical exercise, worse eating habits than when at home and in some cases steer towards over-consumption of alcohol.

To make matters worse, business travellers are increasingly forced to travel in economy class, exacerbating physical and mental fatigue and the overall severity of “creeping tiredness”, which may turn chronic.


Loneliness and isolation are also common symptoms of regular business travel. Although travel opens opportunities to meet new people, there can be the feeling that your relationship with your partner, children and friends can become strained over a long time.  For those leaving behind a spouse and children, isolation is felt more keenly, along with acute feelings of guilt at leaving loved ones at home. The partner left at home can feel resentful, affecting family relationships.


There are many things that can cause you to miss a connecting flight such as traffic delays on the roads, missed connection flight and train cancellations. Why not eliminate the stress and hassle of travelling, with a private jet. Experience our private jet service, including gourmet meals and fine wines served by your professional flight attendant. We understand that air travel on long haul flights can be tiring.

This is why ultra long range and VIP airliner aircraft have state-of-the-art facilities such as showers, seats that can convert into fully flat beds with a mattress, so you can arrive at your destination totally refreshed.

We know that many of the top airlines offer first class flights for long haul flights but nothing can compare to flying on a private plane with friends or colleagues. When you fly private you don’t need to worry about changes, the time of your flight and you can fly direct.


Fly direct by private jet to some of the busiest business hubs around the world such as New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and Mumbai. You and your colleagues or clients arrive feeling vitalised and refreshed, no need to rush and get to the airport an hour or two earlier. Private jet user profile:  Often travel on short notice and are required to travel to remote areas where adequate commercial airline service is lacking. Business interests are located far from major airports

Commercial v Private Jets

Convenience and Flexibility: These are two of the biggest benefits made possible through private aviation travel. For anyone often required to go on business trips, it provides the opportunity to see more people in a shorter space of time.  Not only this it allows you to meet in two or three destinations in one day, saving time and hassle. Allowing you to be back home with the family.

Reduced Time: The major benefit of flying privately is the time saved using smaller airports, which are more than often located within thirty minutes of your destination. You also spend less time going through the airport, doing check-ins, security lines and luggage etc.

Privacy/Comfort: Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure you will appreciate the ability to relax or work in a private environment.

Why private jets for business?

A private jet charter for your business travel just gives you that predictability when it comes to flying. You can prepare for your business meeting onboard—which will make your air travel all the more productive. Use of private jets will enable you to organise your travel requirements around convenient timetables unlike scheduled flights.

You’re in a safe and secure environment which is paramount for air travel these days. Spend less time in terminals and check-ins all add to being more productive whilst travelling for business.

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Long haul business flights allow you to be more productive during your flight.


Family travel 


Fly with your family in a safe and secure environment

Charter a private jet for your family holiday and escape the busy airport terminals and relax with the children in a separate VIP lounge area.

Flying with children

Travelling with children when your flight gets delayed can be an extremely stressful time for parents. Charter a private jet and eliminate all the problems and enjoy your holiday from the moment you leave the house.


Ultra long range Falcon 7x is the perfect aircraft, for your long haul flight.

This is the latest version of the tri-jet aircraft built by Dassault Aviation, the aircraft is equipped with the latest technology enabling exceptional passenger comfort and quietness with low fuel consumption. From nose to tail, wingtip to wingtip, the Falcon 7X is pure elegance, efficiency, and performance.


The Falcon 7X is designed to fly 5,950 nm (11,019 km), linking city pairs such as Paris-Tokyo, Shanghai-Seattle, New York-Jeddah, and Johannesburg-London, with a payload of eight passengers and three crew.


With a .90 Mach Maximum Operating Speed (MMO), the Falcon 7X can also cover shorter distances to get you faster where you need to be. When it comes to landing, slower is safer.

At typical landing weight, the approach speed of the 7X is only 104 knots (193 km/h). It can land and stop in just 2,070 feet (630 m). As a result, it can access hundreds of airports other jets cannot, including those with hot and high conditions, steep approaches and stringent noise restrictions.

Ability to land at smaller airports

The 7X is the only aircraft in its class able to reach New York, from London City Airport. It has a range of approximately 10 hours. Ultimate comfort is achieved through meticulous attention to detail within the cabin  interior including acoustics and superior in flight technology. These long range aircraft have a day time and night time configuration for your added comfort, usually seating 10 – 16 passengers.

Private jets such as the Global 6000, Gulfstream G650 and Falcon 7X can take you between thousands of different destinations around the globe including the UK, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Great range with comfortable spacious interiors make your journey enjoyable. Built for maximum comfort and speed, enhancing your comfort and productivity.

With access to over 7,000 airports and 3,000 aircraft worldwide, we can customise your travel needs specifically to your requirements from anywhere around the globe, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our devoted team are here to ensure that you receive the best impartial advice for your trip.

For more details please email info@falconaprivatejets.com or call +44 (0)161 436 0124

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