It’s sometimes a misconception that all private jets are flying palaces in the sky. Yes there are some of the larger aircraft that look like Liberace has designed the interior. More often than not the aircraft are basic but comfortable. Most of clients who use jets for business see them more as a time saving tool, rather than a luxury aircraft.


The ultra long range Dassault Falcon 7x private jet

In-Flight Entertainment

A touch screen remote and state of the art digital screens provide access to a whole new world of entertainment. Whatever mood you’re in whether it’s movies or music or video games there is always something to entertain you on your journey. Relax and put a DVD or Blu-Ray to watch your favourite movie or listen to some of your favourite music on your I-Pod or play your favourite games on consoles to pass the time away.


Entertainment system at each seat on larger aircraft


It’s important to choose the right aircraft, with the right luggage capacity space for your journey. As you would expect smaller aircraft such as the Citation Mustang, will have very limited baggage space.

Luggage Blackpool

Luggage on smaller aircraft is limited

Mid size aircraft have a decent amount of space for your luggage, we recommend that you travel with soft baggage not hard suitcases so that it’s easier to pack. The Learjet 45 and the Citation Excel aircraft are extremely good for carrying golf equipment, skis or other bulky items due to their spacious luggage compartments.

On the larger ultra long range jets, baggage is not really an issue, plenty of space for luggage and any other belongings you need to travel with. The amount of luggage that can be taken on a private jet depends on the size of the aircraft and the number of passengers flying. So for a small jet we would recommend that baggage is limited to one per passenger per seat plus cabin luggage.

What we never want to do is charter an aircraft for you that compromises your safety and comfort, so that you don’t need to put luggage in the cabin or the toilet area, so you can’t just nip to the toilet you have to wait until you land.

Smaller Aircraft

Limited space to move and for luggage

Limited space to move and for luggage

The common misconception is that all private jets have lots of room and that they’re spacious. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of the smaller aircraft do not have room to stand up or move around the cabin. In fact they can be cramped and uncomfortable to say the least.

However those who fly on them accept that it is a means of being able to fly to smaller airports on their schedule. No delays and they have the flexibility to fly at a time that suits them.

Falcona always let clients know that although the aircraft is cheaper to hire, that they’re small and may not suit their needs. If passengers have a lot of luggage or any of them are really tall this could affect their comfort and the ability of the aircraft.  We recommend that clients nip to the toilet before they set off, as the toilet on smaller aircraft are cramped to say the least.

Flying on smaller private jets such as the Mustang or CJ2 is a cost-effective way to charter a plane. You only get to the comfortable aircraft when you decide to charter a heavy jet such as the Challenger 850. Aircraft like these allow you to stand up and move around the cabin freely.

There are no flight attendants available on small aircraft, however on larger aircraft they are standard and able to serve you food and drinks during the flight adding to the enjoyment of your flight.


A restful nights sleep can be key to arriving at your destination ready and refreshed. On-board the ultra long range private jets the cabins come equipped with comfortable beds to promote sleep and beat jet-lag and travel fatigue.

global 5000

Divans turn into beds for those longer flights, making your journey more comfortable

Enjoy lie-flat comfort on ultra long range aircraft, seats can convert into a flat bed and you can also adjust your seat to suit your own comfort and preferences. Plenty of space to stretch your legs out without having to worry about the person in front of you.

Crossing time zones and spending long periods of time in the air shouldn’t make managing your sleep a challenge and this is one of the main reasons why a private jet is better than a scheduled business or first class flight. Stretch out in total comfort and privacy in luxury surroundings. Perfect for long distance flights such as London to Lagos or New York to Dubai.


Whether you want your favourite meal from a particular restaurant, healthy meals, gourmet meals or even a McDonalds we can arrange this for you. Working with airline aviation catering specialists who freshly prepare your meals nothing will be a problem.

Enjoy the pleasure of being served meals that meet your gourmet wishes, prepared by experienced chefs. You can look forward to multiple courses on long haul flights with complimentary champagne and vintage wines along with other beverages and snacks.

global 5000 catering

Fine dining 40,000 ft in the sky

Hot food can be prepared in a fully functional galley and on mid-size aircraft upwards, a flight attendant is available to serve your food and drinks. We can offer hot & cold breakfasts, boxed lunches, salads, soups, pasta, meat, seafood entrees, children’s menus, finger foods and scrumptious desserts.


If you are working on board then you will find that private jets are the perfect environment, a generously sized fold out table providing a comfortable workspace, in seat phone and personal laptop power socket are all available to ensure that you can be productive on route to a meeting. All work is done in total privacy.


Larger aircraft have more space to work, making your time more productive

With access to over 3,000 aircraft worldwide, we can customise your travel needs specifically to your requirements from anywhere around the globe, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With so much choice Falcona can source the right aircraft to suit your needs. We will discuss the best option with you and go through all the pros and cons of each private jet. Our devoted team are here to ensure that you receive the best impartial advice for your trip.



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