Are you looking to organise a UK and European music tour? Why not charter a private jet or helicopter to arrive at your concert on time and in style. Falcona lets you take centre stage. A one-off appearance, a tour of Europe or a year-long world tour, Falcona can help you make it all happen with minimum fuss or hassle. Organising a music tour can be unpredictable and fast paced, ideal for private jet charter. Concerts may get cancelled at late notice, which may require a change in the schedule.

Using a private jet for your tour is a great way to add a level of reliability and flexibility to an ever changing tour schedule. With access to over 1,000 aircraft you can rest assured that we can locate a suitable jet for your journey.

Music tours

Private jet arriving at Manchester Airport for Creamfields.

You can fly at a time that suits you, in an aircraft that can seat all your crew together. Your safety and security are our main priorities for you when flying to different venues. If you need to be at another venue on the same day, a private jet or a helicopter charter flight is the ideal way to travel.

Flying private you can arrive just thirty minutes before you’re due to depart. There are no long security lines or checking in procedures to contend with, you just breeze through the VIP terminal and head straight to your jet.




AMSTERDAM – 18|20|21
GLASGOW – 25|26
LONDON – 28|30


LONDON – 01|02|04|05
LEEDS – 08|09
LONDON – 14|15
DUBLIN – 19|20


OSLO – 05
PARIS – 12|13|14



  1. Simply tell us where you would like to go, when you would like to go and with how many passengers.
  2. We will search our database of over 3,000 aircraft and compare them to your itinerary, to provide you with a quote that meets your requirements.
  3. You can view and compare the aircraft’s and browse through our quotes. We send you up to three quotes in under four hours or less.
  4. Review and compare amenities, floor-plans as well as exterior and interior pictures of the aircraft to pick the right charter for your request.
  5. Once you have decided on the aircraft for your journey, contact us and then we will send out a charter agreement document for you to sign which contains all the terms and conditions.
  6. On receipt of the signed agreement we will proceed with booking your aircraft and send you all the necessary details of your trip to you by email or phone.
  7. You can download the directions to and from your departure and arrival airport (Manchester) or we will send you full details of the (FBO) private jet terminal.
  8. Falcona Private Jets can arrange your ground transfers to and from the airport and hotels on request.
  9. Payment can be made by a bank transfer, credit card *(subject to T&Cs), American Express which has to be cleared in our account 48 hours before your departure.
  10. We will keep track of your flight with the operators, notify you if there are any changes due to bad weather until you land.



We get the right aircraft at the best price, for your tour. Falcona will source aircraft that are of the highest aviation standards, with the best trained pilots for your tour. We will help plan and implement all aspects of your charter including special catering, ground transport and other unique aspects of your request.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

A private jet charter allows you to be able to choose from thousands of different aircraft to suit your needs. The ability to find a suitable aircraft is one of the reasons many clients decide to charter a private jet.

All flights operated for Falcona clients must meet standards set forth by the CAA for safety, security and service. WYVERN, AR/GUS and IS/BAO rated operators are our preferred choice for any tour, due to their high operating standards. If there is a problem with your aircraft, another aircraft from their fleet will be chartered. Using a smaller operator this may not be possible to arrange as they may only have one or two aircraft and that may be unavailable.

Falcona Private Jets does not own, manage, or operate aircraft. 

global 5000

The right aircraft for your tour is essential to a hassle free experience.



If you’re travelling into the UK from a non-EU country you will have to go through customs and immigration. This is a swift process and your crew will be in your chauffeur cars on the way to either your hotel or venue.

Security screening and check-ins are fast and discreet.



As your chosen broker we will and always work on your behalf in order to make sure everything runs smoothly. Being based at Manchester Airport, we’re ideally located to meet your needs, especially when your client is performing at the Manchester Arena.

A member of our team will be at the airport to make sure everything goes smoothly. We can order flowers, drinks, magazines or anything else that you specify for your flight. You can be met by a fleet of chauffeur cars.

Whether it’s the departure times, passengers changes or catering requests, we will always be ready to adapt to any changes.



On arrival your chauffeurs will collect you from your jet on the ramp for a more discreet arrival and whisk you to your destination. Getting to the private terminal airport, can be organised as Falcona work with the best qualified chauffeur companies around the UK and Europe. A range of vehicles are available to suit your travel needs. At certain airports Falcona can organise direct ramp access for your group for more convenience and discretion.

Direct access to your jet



Another situation we look at is that the aircraft is owned by the operator, this eliminates the real owner of the aircraft, wanting to take the aircraft for personal use at the last minute. This is rare but it can happen.


Getting clearance for your artists,to use the aircraft exclusively during the summer can be arranged.



The rise in the number of music festivals has led to an increase in private jet and helicopter charter flights. For instance the ever popular Creamfields which attracts some of the world’s biggest DJs, brings a lot of private jets into Manchester Airport and Liverpool Airport.


Parklife is one of the biggest festivals in the UK. Held at Heaton Park,Manchester.


We’re ideally located at Manchester Airport for music events and festivals in the North West. The majority of these festivals are in remote areas, making a helicopter the best means to arrive for a performance. If your artist is performing at one of the many top festivals in the UK,  then let us organise your trip.


Helicopter charter

Helicopter charter, is a safe and quick mode of transport allowing you to depart and arrive closer to your destination. We only charter twin engine helicopters, for your enhanced safety, speed and ability to fly at night.


A helicopter charter is the perfect way to attend festivals such as Glastonbury,Parklife and Creamfields.



Some of the world’s biggest DJ’s played at Creamfields over the bank holiday weekend. Creamfields is based at Daresbury which is between Manchester Airport and Liverpool Airport. It’s the largest British dance festival. 60,000 plus people attended each day over the three days.

The show featured stellar performances from Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Armin Van Buren and Nicky Romero to name a few. DJ’s are in demand so being able to fly private is essential as it allows them to fly after performing these late night events.

Many of them fly out to Ibiza and other European destinations during the summer, a jet allows them to be flexible and it’s also more convenient as they can just turn up 15 minutes before departure. There’s also no need to worry if they’re late as the aircraft will wait for them.


A personalised jet is the way to go, for the long European summer tours.

A personalised jet is the way to go, for the long European summer tours.


With access to over ,1,000 airports and 1,500 aircraft around Europe, we can customise your travel needs specifically to your requirements from anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our devoted team are here to ensure that you receive the best impartial advice for your trip.


Why charter a private jet with Falcona?

  • We save you time by searching over 3,000 aircraft worldwide to find you the best available aircraft for your journey.
  • No upfront membership fees or monthly management fees.
  • Great service, delivered time and time again.
  • We only select the best operators and aircraft. Falcona will not compromise our commitment, to providing you with the safest aircraft and crew for every flight.
  • *Complimentary chauffeur-drive service at Manchester Airport.
  • Discreet and confidential service.


Being based at Manchester Airport Falcona has been able to deal with and experience many artists arriving for their performance at the Manchester Arena. We are able to work directly with the operator of the aircraft, organise anything that may disrupt the best laid plans, such as bad weather, immigration issues or technical problems with your aircraft.

Get in touch today to see how Falcona can help your tour run smoothly,

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