Divided during the Cold War, its 18th-century Brandenburg Gate has become a symbol of reunification. The city’s also known for its art scene and modern landmarks like the gold-colored, swoop-roofed Berliner Philharmonie, built in 1963. Germany’s capital is a cauldron of cool, with more hipsters per head than anywhere else in the country. Berlin offers the perfect opportunity to discover the edgy culture, the famous landmarks and the gourmet highlights of this up-and-coming city.

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Berlin Schonefeld Airport

The General Aviation Terminal (GAT) is situated in the south of Berlin Schönefeld Airport and The GAT is open 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday. The airport was situated just twenty five minutes from where our clients were staying, making it the ideal choice. A private jet charter flight allowed them to avoid the main hub airport and pass through security in a quick and efficient manner.


Falcona received an email for a private jet charter flight from Manchester to Berlin, Germany. It was for a group of six work colleagues as a reward for doing well this year. From the initial enquiry Falcona guided them through the booking process, making it simple and stress free.

The clients arrived at the private FBO terminal, where they were greeted by a member of the handling agent staff, who directed them to the passenger lounge.


Passenger lounge at Manchester Airport



The aircraft a Citation Bravo arrived from its base in Hamburg, Germany about one hour before the departure time. Falcona met with the pilot and first officer on arrival with the ground staff here at Manchester Airport. Once all the formalities were done by the pilots, fuel and paying the catering bill the aircraft was ready for its departure with our clients.


Captain preparing the Citation Bravo for departure

The Citation Bravo is one of Cessna’s best selling private jets and is an ideal choice for travelling on shorter trips around Europe. The Bravo is able to accommodate up to seven passengers and is comfortably configured with reclining leather seats.

  • The streamlined aircraft is capable of flying you as swiftly and smoothly as possible to your chosen destination. It can reach high altitudes enabling it to voyage above inclement weather. With a comfortable interior, including full reclining leather seat sit provides the perfect environment to manage your business project or family holiday.
  • Once you have climbed the steps into the Bravo and have taken your seat, the noise and bustle of the outside world seem to melt away into silence. Comfortable revolving chairs, extra headroom, a long list of options, elaborate noise insulation all of these are a clear indication that this space was created especially with work and relaxation in mind. The aircraft is equipped with a refreshment centre offering a fully stocked bar and an enclosed lavatory is located at the rear of the aircraft.
  • With the ability to fly to smaller regional airports the Bravo allows flexibility and convenience along with privacy and comfort and is perfect for individuals or small groups wanting discreet, cost-effective and luxurious travel.

It’s a popular choice of aircraft for clients flying around Europe to to it’s range and super baggage space.


View from inside the Bravo



  • 09.00 Transfer to the airport
  • 09.30 Arrive at the private terminal
  • 09.45 Board aircraft
  • 10.00 Take off to Berlin
  • 12.30 Arrive at Berlin Schonefeld Airport
  • 12.35 Transfer to hotel
berlin citation bravo

Entrance to the Citation Bravo


Itinerary for the return flight

  • 10.00 Transfer to Berlin Schonefeld airport, Berlin
  • 10.30 Arrive at the private terminal
  • 10.45 Board aircraft
  • 10.55 Take off to Manchester Airport
  • 12.30 Arrive at Manchester Airport
  • 12.40 Transfer home


Private Jet Experience    

Clients arrived in a chauffeur vehicle, saving any hassles finding the terminal and parking. They were all shown to the passenger lounge, where they were offered tea and coffee and biscuits before the flight. They were in high spirits to say the least before their flight and once the aircraft was ready for departure at 10am they were all escorted to the jet by a member of staff as well as the captain of the aircraft. As is custom for a lads private jet holiday, Falcona made sure the aircraft was fully stocked with beer wine and champagne!

The aircraft started up and made its way to the runway for departure. Once the aircraft has taken off Falcona kept an eye on the flight of the aircraft, until it landed at Berlin Airport.  Once they landed a call was made to the handling agent at the private terminal, to make sure the clients had landed safely and the chauffeur has taken them to their final destination.

The flight from Berlin to Manchester is around two hours thirty minutes. Once they landed a call was made to the handling agent at the private terminal, to make sure the clients landed safely and the chauffeur has taken them to their final destination.

berlin citation bravo

Departing to the runway for departure






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