As a personal assistant there will have been a time when your manager has requested a private jet charter flight whether it was for business or pleasure. Did you know where to find a charter broker or an operator?, did you Google it? or did a friend recommend a private jet charter company to you?

Whether you’re booking a flight for the first time or a regular we will treat you the same, we make the whole process simple and transparent. We are proud to have developed a good and close working relationships with a number of personal assistants, who organise the travel for England and Premier League footballers, executives and high net worth individuals. We’re here to save you time and less stress when booking your next charter flight for your manager.

There are a multitude of private jet brokers, some good, some not so good. The difference we make is that we set a high standard in service and the operators of the aircraft we charter for you.

For us to use a operator they must have a valid Air Operators Certificate (AOC), be fully insured, the staff and aircraft maintained to and exceed the highest aviation standards set.

global 5000

Interior of a Global 5000 private jet, set up for passengers arrival

Other brokers that we know will just find you the cheapest priced jet without any regard for your clients safety. This is where we differ, in that if an operator does not adhere to the best safety standards then we will not charter that aircraft for you, it’s that simple.

Your clients well-being and safety are our primary concern. The problem with cheap charter brokers is that they devalue the whole aspect of flying private. Not only does driving down the price lead to negative sales, where the consumer thinks they’re getting a bargain. It also leads to safety issues as minimal margins mean that some operators in order to be competitive, cut corners.

Pilot training can be neglected, some operators operate flights on the bare minimum fuel prior to a flight in order to save money  Private jet charter has had problems as they feel under pressure to please demanding clients, causing mistakes to happen. Falcona have an industry wide reach and can connect you to a variety of operators suitable for your flight.


1) Using a charter broker saves you time and hassle searching for an aircraft. We have access to over 3,000 registered private jets, so we will be able to source you the ideal jet for any occasion.

This way of sourcing an aircraft is beneficial to you because you’re not stuck to one operator who has a small fleet of aircraft, which may not be suitable for your needs. Our system enables us to get a quote to you, generally within a couple of hours.

Being based at Manchester Airport, we have the skills and knowledge to implement a safe and successful flight for your client. No more chartering an aircraft based on price alone.

Falcona sign at Manchester Airport private terminal.

Falcona sign at Manchester Airport private terminal.

Charter a safe and reliable aircraft and crew that can carry out the job properly, who are flexible and if anything does go wrong such as a technical issue or the weather is unsuitable for flying, then you can rest assured that something can be done about it.


2) As your dedicated charter broker, we pride ourselves on the service we give from the initial contact right through to when your manager lands safely at the destination. Good service includes choosing the right aircraft for your flight, not just the cheapest.

For instance if an aircraft seats 7 then we generally recommend an aircraft that seats 8/9 passengers in comfort.

If you fill all the seats then the aircraft may have to have a fuel stop and it diminishes the reason for flying private, space and comfort. Your clients luggage should ideally be stored in the dedicated baggage area, not in the cabin.


Spacious Interior Of Gulfstream G450

Director Adie Mike ” It has been known that other brokers have filled a jet with passengers but not taken into account the amount of luggage, so it had to be stored in the cabin with the passengers and the toilet. This was a 4 and half hour flight, the passengers were unable to use the bathroom, for the duration of the flight, so I hope they had a strong bladder!”

We always advise our clients to notify us if they do have any large items such as golf clubs, skis or prams. The pilot can refuse to take the luggage so it’s always best to be safe than sorry.

Golf Mallorca

Luggage for a golfing weekend

An aircraft that you might choose because of the price may be due to the fact that it’s older aircraft, or the operator only has one or two aircraft to look after and they may not be to the same standard as other operators, therefore prices tend to be lower.

Sometimes these can be great if refitted to high standards although in some instances they can be tatty and worn, so it’s worth ensuring that saving a few hundred pounds does not compromise your safety or your expectations of your private jet flight.

Consider your own family having to fly on an aircraft that had not the highest safety possible for a flight.


3) Falcona will work hand in hand with you from the initial phone call or email and will ensure the whole process is smooth. Prompt response to your email and make sure everything transparent, with quotes that are easy to comprehend. Three quotes within the hour is what we aim to give you if your flight is within the next 48 hours.

Our Base At Manchester Airport, Landmark Aviation VIP Terminal.


4) Safety is our highest priority when it comes to booking an aircraft for clients. For instance, if a client requires an aircraft that is rated the best and safest, then we can source an aircraft that meets and exceeds the highest safety levels available in aviation for charter flights.

These operators have the most stringent maintenance and operational procedures, with the best aircraft, equipped with the most up to date and advanced safety equipment. Ask your broker if the operator is a Wyvern Wingman or ARG/US rated, these are independent audits on the operator. Making sure that your aircraft is operated to the highest standard.


Private jet pilots preparing for a flight.

If your organization is looking to go beyond meeting minimum regulatory requirements and becoming an industry leader in safety culture, it’s time to consider choosing a Wingman Operator. We have direct access to these companies.


Private jet safety should be your highest priority when booking a private jet

The Wingman Standard is the most challenging standard to maintain compliance with in the air charter industry. This is because the standard was born of requirements from corporate, retail and broker buyers that their charter vendors possess and adhere to a specific set of safety and risk assessment practices.

These processes became known as The Wyvern, then Wingman, Standard. Being a Wingman means being part of an elite group of operators whose charter lift is in demand because the company has passed a Wingman Standards audit. It is a requirement of some organizations to only source charter from Wingman Operator


5) Clear and concise payment details and if there are any further charges such as ground transportation or out of hour charges depending on the time of the flight, we will notify you before the flight so you don’t get any nasty shocks. Detailed directions to airports and its location, with all the relevant contacts at the terminal. Keep you updated of when they arrive safely at the destination.

Post flight we will send you an email to see if you were happy with the flight and service from start to finish and if there’s anything we can improve on. The decision to charter a private jet or helicopter should be based on it’s safety first, not price and then other factors like the age of the aircraft, maintenance, insurance and crew suitability. As your personal assistant we will always put you and your clients safety first.

For more information or a quote please email or call +44 (0)161 436 0124


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