Start of the British Grand Prix race at Silverstone.

Private jet charter is the perfect way to travel to these amazing sporting events, by hiring a jet you can rest assured that your journey will be a fabulous experience for you, your friends, colleagues or clients. We are looking forward to this seasons racing which begins in March with the Australian Grand Prix and it promises to be another action packed season.

Book your private jet charter with us for any of the races throughout the season including Monaco, British, Italian, Abu Dhabi and Singapore. Prices are available on request as each charter is based on how many passengers are flying, where your flying to and from and duration of stay.

Whichever race you choose to fly private you are guaranteed an amazing experience, especially at Monaco and Abu Dhabi where we have access to the famous Amber Lounge fashion shows, dining and after parties. These are attended by most of the drivers, celebrities and sports stars.

Best Aircraft 

We recommend the super mid size  Gulfstream G200 aircraft for your flight. It seats up to ten passengers in comfort, stand up cabin which enables you to move around the cabin. It has all the luxury you would require for a flight to a Grand Prix event.  It offers the range of a larger jet at a mid size cabin price. The perfect jet to fly you and your friends or colleagues to a Grand Prix.


Gulfstream G200 Interior, Seats Up To 10 Passengers

The G200 is a super-mid-size aircraft that fits into the product line quite well. It complements the large size product line that Gulfstream has been known for for so long. The flat floor in this airplane makes for an impressive space that allows for any and all sorts of business and pleasure to be conducted. The stand-up cabin only adds to the interior that impresses. Being almost 25 feet long, cabin space is abundant.


The Gulfstream G200 offers the range and comfort of a large cabin business jet for a mid-size cabin price. With an impressive cruise speed of 540 mph, the G200 is ideal for nonstop transcontinental travel. Its spacious cabin seats eight passengers comfortably and offers 6’3” of stand-up headroom, which exceeds all other aircraft in its category. Furthermore, the G200 offers the largest baggage capacity in its class.

The dual zone cabin temperature controller allows the separate zones to be conditioned to whatever is comfortable for each locale. Transcontinental crossings are easily accomplished thanks to the 3,400 mile range.

The ability to fly eight passengers all the way to their destination, without stopping or leaving baggage behind is one of the attributes that makes the G200 such a popular aircraft, and one that is not found in many other aircraft. Especially ones in the cabin segment that the G200 succeeds so well in.


AirShow, Blu-Ray, Cabin Server, Certified jump seat, Coffee pot, Dishware, DVD player, Enclosed lavatory, Flatware, Flight phone, Glassware, High Speed Internet, Ice bin, Lavatory sink, Leather seats, Microwave oven, Satellite phone, Wi-Fi (Ground based)

Why a private jet flight?

  • Allow you to arrive 20 minutes before departure
  • Fly from your local airport
  • Arrive closer to your final destination
  • Change schedule in case an event overruns

Best Helicopter

We only charter helicopter’s in the UK so to attend the British Grand Prix, we would recommend the Dauphin AS355 Twin Squirrel aircraft. It seats up to five people, a decent size cabin with large windows which allow you to take in the views on your way to Silverstone.

The aircraft is ideal for passenger charter flights, including corporate hospitality, social, sporting events and airport transfers. Twin engines allow the aircraft to operate lower over built up areas and longer over water making the helicopter the ideal aircraft for flights to Ireland and Paris. The AS355 “Twin Squirrel” helicopter is probably the most synonymous aircraft with the UK charter industry. Offering unparalleled levels of safety and efficiency this light, twin-engine helicopter combines good cruise speed and excellent endurance.



With two engines, all weather capabilities but relatively low running costs the AS355 helicopter is the perfect choice for safe, luxurious yet efficient travel making it a versatile helicopter for both business charters and leisure travel.


Up to 3 hours range and a holding a cruise speed of 120kts. These helicopters have an unobstructed cabin and forward facing seats that provide excellent visibility. It is acclaimed for its high level of manoeuvrability, but keeps to low vibration levels.


Extremely popular for quick flights from Manchester to London and for golfing trips, once the pods for the clubs are attached. All seats face forward allowing good visibility. 4 passenger seats in a row in the back, 1 passenger seat in the front next to the pilot in the cockpit.


AS355 Twin Squirrel is ideal for a flight to Silverstone.


A very cost effective and popular way to travel. A flight from Manchester would cost approximately £4,995 plus VAT for a day return flight. The closest private jet airport to the British Grand Prix, is Cranfield Airport. Cranfield is generally a quiet airport but when the Grand Prix arrives in town it gets extremely busy. We recommend that you book your private jet or helicopter early in order to secure your aircraft and airport slot.

A 30 minute transfer by road or a fifteen minute helicopter charter flight to Silverstone. The most popular way to get there is by helicopter, day return flights on a AS355 Twin Squirrel aircraft will cost approximately £3,995 plus VAT.

If there are a few of you travelling, shuttles can be organised for your party to charter one aircraft again keeping costs down.


VIP hospitality allows you to meet some of the F1 drivers.

There are opportunities to immerse yourself fully into the F1 experience, meeting F1 drivers and going behind the scenes to see what it takes to compete at the highest level.

The great thing about a helicopter flight is that you can land directly at Silverstone, avoiding the traffic on the roads and the inevitable train delays. There is no better way to arrive at the grand prix than by a helicopter. On your arrival you will be met by ground staff who will escort you to your hospitality area.

Let Falcona organise your next trip to watch a Grand Prix race, whether it’s for a corporate day out or with friends a flight can make it all the more special.


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