Travelling for business may sound glamorous, but it can actually be pretty stressful. You have to deal with long queues, delayed flights, lost luggage and waiting for taxis, on your arrival. This can all but leave you hassled before you’ve even got to your meeting. Security queues and immigration can be expedited in most cases. Nine in 10 business travellers suffer from stress. So wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just charter a private jet to take a lot of these hassles away?


Convenience and Flexibility: These are two of the biggest benefits made possible through private jet travel. For anyone often required to go on business trips, it provides the opportunity to see more people in a shorter space of time.

Reduced Time: By flying private you can access smaller more remote airports that scheduled airlines can’t or won’t fly to.  You are often a lot closer to your final destination. Your time on the ground is also reduced with less time spent running through airports, queuing up for security checks, etc.

Privacy/Comfort: If you want to be productive and make any progress with your workload during your flight, it goes without saying that elements of comfort and, in some cases, privacy, will be necessary. Even if you’re not working, you’ll definitely appreciate the privacy and comfort that comes with private jet travel.


Investing in business travel,  by private jet as opposed to commercial airliners;  let’s you and your employees increase your valuable time with current and future investors instead of losing that opportunity by spending your time navigating commercial air travel.

If you have a team and you’re travelling together, the opportunity exists to charter a private jet altogether and prepare for your business meeting on-board; which will make your travel time more productive.


Business aircraft travel is the quickest means of commuting and reducing flying times. Flight plans can be altered en route to accommodate meeting schedule changes.


Business travellers can reach two or more destinations in a single day, an option seldom offered to executives on scheduled flights.


Our client contacted Falcona by email, asking for a price on a flight from Manchester to Clermont in France and then onwards to RAF Northolt, London. The flight was for just one person, on a business trip. However nearer the time, the PA contacted Falcona to add another passenger to the list. Our client wanted to leave Manchester at 8am to Clermont and return to RAF Northolt at 4pm.


With the information we had from the client, Falcona searched its database of hundreds of operators, to find the best available aircraft for the flight.  Once Falcona had sourced the right aircraft for the flight, we sent the quotes to the client, three in all. Falcona generally send three to four quotes to clients all different types of aircraft and prices, so that the client has the ability to choose the one that they would like to fly in the most. In this case we sent our client a quote for a  Citation Mustang, Phenom 100 and also Citation Cj2.

The client came back to Falcona a few days later wanting to book the Phenom 100, however unfortunately it had already been booked. All our quotes are generally valid for 24-48 hours as due to the high number of requests, the aircraft can be booked at any-time. First come first served.

Due to the high number of charter request we receive, Falcona recommend that you book as soon as possible. Quotes are generally valid for 24-48 hours.

So they decided on the Citation Mustang. Client decided against the CJ2 as it was manufactured in 2001 and they prefer newer model aircraft. In aviation terms it’s not very old but this particular client like a lot of our other clients prefer newer aircraft. Personal preference.


The Citation Mustang is an entry level aircraft, that seats up to four people, in what can be compared to a luxury car. The seats are in a club configuration, making it ideal for working and being face-to-face with others. There is no enclosed toilet on-board the aircraft, so we mentioned this to the client who was fine with that as the journey time was only 1 hour 45 minutes.

Citation Mustang interior, club seating for face to face converstaions.

Citation Mustang interior, club seating for face to face conversations.


On the morning of the flight, the aircraft was moved into position on the ramp around 7.15am and the night before it was extremely cold, so there was a little bit of frost on the aeroplane. Fuelled and ready for passengers arrival. Catering was ordered for the flight, some sandwiches and fruit platter made by our friends at Gast Maison. These were placed on the aircraft ready for passenger. Also some newspapers and magazines were on-board for them to read at their leisure.

Clients arrived at 07.50 and were greeted at the terminal by staff at Signature and also Adie from Falcona. Most other brokers do not meet their clients before flights but at Falcona we like to add a personal touch to our service here at Manchester and make sure everything goes smoothly.

As the aircraft is a small one and weighs less than 10 tonnes, there was no security to pass through, enabling the clients to board pretty much straight away.

Early morning start at Manchester Airport

Early morning start at Manchester Airport

Aircraft prepared for clients, arrival.

Aircraft prepared for clients, arrival.

Captain doing all his pre flight checks.

Captain doing all his pre flight checks.

Falcona tracked the aircraft flight until it had landed at Clermont, letting the clients PA know each step of the way. The same procedure tracking our clients flight, when they took off from Clermont Airport to RAF Northolt Airport in London.

Each time the aircraft takes off and lands at the airport the operator will send us an email of the times it has departed and landed. This allows us to relay the message to the clients PA or the person who has arranged the flight. It also helps the car company who will be either dropping off clients or picking them up at the airport.

Entrance into the Citation Mustang.

Entrance into the Citation Mustang.

Citation Mustang nose cone, with drinks.

Citation Mustang nose cone, with drinks.


After the flight Falcona contacted the client and also the PA to ensure everything was good with the flight. Client was extremely happy with the flight, the aircraft and the crew. Most importantly our client was able to accomplish all their business during the day. This type of schedule would not be ideal or possible with a scheduled flight, especially with the chance of delays and cancellations being highly likely.

It just makes more sense for business travellers to charter a private jet to eliminate all the stress and hassle associated with commercial airlines.

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