Tuesday 20th – Saturday 24th June 2017

Arrive in style to Royal Ascot Experience the most fashionable event in London’s sporting calendar and one of the world’s most famous horse-race meeting at Royal Ascot. Britain’s most popular race meeting is the place to see and be seen for high society, royal watchers, fun seekers and horse-racing enthusiasts alike.

Situated on Crown Estate land, Ascot is proud to be the Royal Racecourse and nowhere is this more apparent than at the highlight of its calendar; Royal Ascot. It is the spectacular heritage, unlike any other, that has helped Royal Ascot become Britain’s most popular flat race meeting. It is also Britain’s most valuable, attracting many of the world’s finest racehorses to compete for more than £5.5milllion in prize money.

Ascot racecourse is one of the world’s finest horse racing venues and has hosted the world renowned Royal Meeting since 1711. In 2017 the Royal Ascot will once again attract some of the world’s finest horses for five days of glorious racing action.



Falcona has access to the best available twin-engine helicopters in the UK. From the five seat Twin Squirrel to the eight seater Sikorsky S76 aircraft. A helicopter charter flight allows you to arrive at Royal Ascot on time and in a stress-free manner.  Flying by helicopter avoids the stress and discomfort of road congestion and train delays, allowing you to arrive both in style and on time. It enables you to attend several meetings in one day, providing a cost-effective travel solution.

A  helicopter charter is perfect for a small group of people looking to make the most of their free time and arrive closer to their destination. You can save more time by leaving from a departure point close to your office or home. The convenient advantage of a helicopter is that it has the ability to land or take off at airports, golf courses, private estates and anywhere where it’s safe, with the land owners permission.

We only select modern twin-engine helicopters for your added safety and peace of mind. These aircraft are equipped with advanced navigation and safety systems. This allows you to fly in adverse weather and at night time, not possible on a single engine charter flight.


Built around major sporting events around the world, corporate hospitality should be an essential part of your sales strategy. A helicopter charter flight allows your company to entertain existing and potential clients in a wonderful and exciting environment.

Royal Ascot hospitality facilities are superb, track-facing Sandringham Restaurant and the Ascot Pavilioth facilities feature experienced VIP hostess service and complimentary bar combined with excellent fine dining, making them perfect choices for a full, traditional Royal Ascot hospitality experience

These once in a lifetime sports events, gives your company the opportunity to create a positive image. Invest in a once in a lifetime experience, let us fly you and your guests to Royal Ascot for the time of their lives.

Agusta 109

Charter a Agusta 109 for business or pleasure, and we guarantee that you won’t be let down. It’s one of the best aircraft on the market . We offer modern twin engine Agusta 109 helicopters, the fastest executive helicopter hire available in the UK, featuring club seating for up to 6 passengers, air conditioning and a bar.

The Agusta 109 Power Helicopter is the fastest civilian helicopter available to charter in service today. It can carry six passengers in a rear cabin separate from the pilots, appointed in leather and with comfortable seating and all weather and night time capability these aircraft are fantastic.


Seats in the passenger hold/cabin are in a 3 passenger – 3 passenger facing each other configuration. There is a single passenger seat in the cockpit for the 7th passenger or 2nd pilot. Once airborne the wheels retract and the aircraft reveals its aerodynamic bullet like styling that is afforded to it by its Italian heritage of everything fast. Some refer to this aircraft as a Ferrari in the sky.

The A109 is valued by operators and pilots alike for its outstanding performance, reliability and ease of maintenance combined with mission flexibility, high speed and productivity. It is single pilot IFR certified and can perform Category “A” take-offs from elevated heli-pads without any payload reduction, while complying with the European regulations relating to Class 1 performance helicopters.

Example Quote  

Aircraft: Agusta 109
Pilots: Single
Date: 22/06/17
Route:   Battersea to Ascot (day return)
Flight time: 15 mins each way
Price: £5,100 + VAT (6 passengers max)
Subject to: Aircraft and crew availability at the time of booking. Passenger weights and normal working hours & any changes in the 2017 Ascot landing fees

Are you ready? 

Whether this is your first time enjoying Royal Ascot or you are a veteran of the meeting, we are sure you will thoroughly enjoy your day with us. With many years of experience flying guests to the racecourse ourselves, we are constantly improving the Royal Ascot experience to suit a wide range of tastes and requirements.

We recommend you book your helicopter flight as early as possible in order to secure your aircraft and landing slot Royal Ascot due to the high demand.


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