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Football Transfer Window

The phone rings with a representative of the club looking to charter either a private jet or a helicopter to fly their potential player to the club for a medical. We take all the details of the flight including the departure and arrival destination, number of passengers and the time they would like to leave.

At such short notice it helps if the club are as specific as possible as sometimes the operator may have an aircraft available but not the crew to be able to fly as they have strict duty hours to adhere to.

From there we will contact operators close to the departing airport in order to save time and repositioning costs. Once we have selected three of the best aircraft and prices for our client, we will email the information over to the club, who will pretty much immediately tell us which aircraft they would like to charter.

Aircraft and staff are usually kept waiting until the last minute...

Aircraft and staff are usually kept waiting until the last minute…

Once all the details have been processed and the charter agreement signed, we will if requested organise for a chauffeur to be at the airport at least an hour before the player’s arrival. They will be driven to either the designated hospital or training ground to carry out their medical. Once that’s all done and the player has signed or sometimes not depending on the time of the day; aircraft will fly them straight back or stay over and fly them back in the morning.

Last Minute Madness

The traditional end of the transfer window can be manic to say the least, especially if we’re involved in a last minute deal. The transfer window night is a busy one. Many of the deals made are planned weeks ahead but for unknown reasons some clubs leave it right to the last minute. A client needed to fly up to Manchester from London, so a helicopter was arranged being the quickest mode of transport for the job. It allowed the player to complete his transfer on time.

Adie Mike – Managing Director

“Helicopters provide our clients with the ability to land as close as possible to their destination. As we only charter twin engine helicopters, it’s perfect if our client needs to fly at night as single engine aircraft are prohibited to fly charter after dark.

We work with the best helicopter operators in the UK, we can genuinely save our clients considerable time and hassle, especially important when players, club representatives and their agents need to travel long distances in the UK to sign deals for their new clubs”.

Fast and efficient mode of transport

Helicopters are fast and efficient mode of transport for last minute flights.

“On another occasion we were asked to find a private jet flight for representatives of a club to fly from Manchester to Dussledorf to watch a player, and sign them. This was another last minute flight as they needed to leave within the hour.

The next day they then flew on to their final destination of Austria. It was a close call finding an aircraft and crew available to do the flight, fortunately we had an aircraft and crew based at Manchester that was able to fly them to the match and meet the player”.

Occasionally a club will ask us to hold an aircraft, whilst they organise the details and try and thrash out a deal with the other party. We will keep the operator and the club informed, generally an aircraft can be held for 24 hours although some operators do not as it’s a first come first served basis.

Seal The Deal

Just like a Premiership football match, the transfer window and especially transfer deadline day can be frantic. Everything has to be done at 100 miles per hour in order to get the flight ready for clients. Teamwork between ourselves, the club and the operator is essential in order for it to run without a hitch. At times it can be stressful but if the clients sign and the club is happy with the flight and all the other things it’s more than worth it.

Until the next deadline day!

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