Passengers boarding aircraft, for a business flight.

Clients: Local business company

Problem: Cancellations and delays on a regular basis with commercial flights, which caused them to miss important meetings.

The airports that our clients fly too are small and hard to get to and have irregular service that does not fit their schedule.

Solution: Private jet flights to their chosen business destination, with employees and board members.

What is business aviation?

It’s the use of private aircraft to fly business employees from city to city. Studies have found that business employees are much more (45%) more productive and earned more for their company than regular commercial travellers.

If you have a business meeting in two places during the day it’s possible to achieve this on a private jet as you and your team can leave at a time in the morning, prepare on route and when you’ve finished your first meeting you can then fly to your next meeting without the threat of delay.

If the meeting over runs for any reason your aircraft will simply wait until you get there, so you don’t have to rush or worry that your flight will be missed.

Clients generally flew back around 6.15pm in order to be back home in time for meals with their family. However on a couple of occasions they have had to extend the time by thirty minutes in order to finish the meetings.

This was not a problem as the PA called Falcona to notify us of the change and we were able to confirm it once spoken to the operators or the pilots.

Privacy and safety

When you fly private rest assured that, your employees or family are travelling in a safe and secure environment. With today’s security issues at major airports and travel in general, nothing is more important than your safety. Flights are being diverted due to unruly behaviour by passengers and being delayed because of threats, it’s no wonder more people are choosing to fly private.

Golf Weekend Mallorca

Pilot doing final pre flight checks before departure.

Conduct work in private without any prying eyes on your work, as a family the aircraft is all yours so you can relax without the worry of other passengers complaining. In general private jet terminals are separate from the main hub airport, allowing you to arrive in total privacy.

When you travel with you can avoid the hassles and headaches of commercial airline travel and skip the parking, layovers, lengthy check ins, security lines, and lost luggage. Back home in time for dinner with their family.

Cost effective

When you charter a private jet, you pay for the whole aircraft regardless of how many people are travelling. If you fill the aircraft then the cost of your flight is comparable to a first or business class ticket per person.

With the added benefits such as time being saved and being able to fly to numerous airports closer to your destination.


Why Private Jet is better choice.

You’re free from schedules set by the commercial airlines, saving time by departing and arriving at a time that suits your business needs. You can also set up multi stop schedules day trips, which could not be achieved by flying commercial.

Clients on arrival are shown into the passenger lounge, where they can have an early morning tea or coffee and biscuits before they depart. In some cases it is possible for the clients to arrive and walk straight trough to the aircraft and depart straight away. No time is wasted.

Depending on where the aircraft is located the aircraft will either arrive an hour before the flight or stay over the previous night in order to pick up the clients.

On one occasion the aircraft was not at the airport on time due to a technical fault with the aircraft. Falcona quickly sourced another aircraft and they were airborne within two hours in order to get them to their destination for meetings.

business aviation

Welcome onboard

Family time

Our clients tend to fly out early in the morning around 8.30 am do their business meetings and return back to Manchester at 6.30 pm, so they’re home in time to spend with their family.

No need to book a hotel overnight and miss those precious times with their loved ones.  The work-life balance is important to a stress free relationship.

Change Schedule

On one of the flights our clients wanted to fly to Guernsey then to the Isle of Man on the same day to conduct some meetings, however the weather at Guernsey meant the airport was closed to all aircraft. Not able to land there would have been a major issue if they were flying commercial.

It was agreed with the Captain and clients that it was best to fly to the Isle Of Man first for the day then if the weather had improved and the airport re-opened then they would fly to Guernsey after. As it transpired the weather wasn’t playing nicely so they stayed over and flew to Guernsey first thing in the morning.

It showed that the level of flexibility a private jet flight gives them is invaluable to them being able to get their business meetings done.

Which aircraft and why: Choosing the aircraft depends on the distance travelling and also the number of passengers. The fact that the company told us they would need a jet capable of transporting 3-6 employees, made the choice easier.

Falcona sourced a Cessna Citation CJ2 private jet that seats up to six people. The aircraft was the ideal choice for our clients.

Pilot preparing the aircraft for departure

The high performance Citation CJ2 is a roomy, light aircraft. It’s contemporary, spacious cabin interior gives the impression of a much bigger aircraft. Incorporating the latest in avionics technology, the CJ2 comfortably accommodates up to a maximum of six passengers. The cabin of these small jets feature six individual seats in a club four plus two arrangement with  wash-room facilities at the rear.

The Citation Jet 2 is the ideal choice for near European private flights for up to 3 hours where jet travel is essential, but economy is also important. The CJ2 is probably the most reliable light jet ever built and it’s extremely popular with our clients.

The separate baggage holds are plentiful and remote to the cabin so that sporting guns can be carried.  The CJ2 offers greater range and speed, perfect for a flight from Manchester.


110V Outlet, 230V Outlet, AirShow, CD player, DVD player, Glassware, Headsets, Ice bin, Lavatory, Leather seats, Pets allowed, Satellite phone, Ski tube, Television


CJ2 set up for clients business flight

Value for money

Cost wise the private jet flights are more than a commercial flight but the reasons listed above and the deals that they’ve made which would not have been possible without a business aviation flight.

The deals and the meetings that would have been impossible by commercial airlines,were done on time by the company. The business is going well and the clients are still using a private jet to conduct their business. They have realised and utilised the full benefits of business aviation.

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