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If you are new to flying on a private jet then you may be curious to know what the actual benefits of private jet charter are compared to business or first class scheduled flights. Many of our clients choose to travel by private jet for one or more of these reasons.

1) Flexibility 

Private jets are able to take off from more runways compared to commercial planes. This gives them greater flexibility with regards to departure and arrival points.

You can access airports closer to your home, work or destination and at a time to suit you. For clients who are looking to travel to London for business are unaware that they can land at numerous smaller airports around London.

If you wanted to get to the heart of London, then we can get you closer to your destination. London City based in the centre of London is the best airport for flights, however the charges are higher and only certain aircraft, can access the airport due to it’s steep approach.

If this is a problem, you could use Biggin Hill Airport another dedicated general aviation terminal. It’s around twelve miles away from the centre of London. So in general you have more choices than a commercial traveller.


 2) Safety


Aircraft Maintenance And Safety Is An Important Part Of Your Charter Process

At Falcona we only work with operators and pilots who are of the highest standards. All the aircraft, have to be maintained at regular intervals.

The charter operator should be able to provide audit ratings whilst we check with third party safety auditors such as Wyvern or ARG/US. Private jet travel is highly regulated and your safety is our number one priority.

3) Access remote areas

Get Closer To Your Ski Destination

Get Closer To Your Ski Destination

Remote locations, difficult to reach airports by commercial aircraft, can be accessed more easily by a private aircraft.

Our helicopters can access and get you to even more remote areas and closer to your final destination, whether it’s a golf course in Scotland or up in the hills on Dartmoor. Business aviation has access to three times as many airports than scheduled flights, often using smaller regional airports and airfields.

Smaller terminals cut out the lengthy delays and greater connectivity supports businesses in emerging economies such as Africa, China and Brazil. Many of the terminals are specifically for business and leisure travellers with VIP facilities to enhance your journey.

4) Save time

Business aviation enables our clients to achieve more in the same number of hours or days, delivering a valuable productivity boost. Flights can be arranged in as little as 4 hours notice. Clients who have to visit multiple destinations can achieve this in one or two days rather than three or four.

The ability arrive at the separate private terminal, usually located away from the busy main hub terminal saves you valuable time. Spend this additional time, planning for meetings or just relaxing before your flight.

The private jet will wait for clients if they are running late if a meeting has overrun. Delays are rare and tend to be when their is bad weather which is understandable and the same safety procedures apply for private jet flights as commercial flights.

5) Privacy 


Private and secure environment

On board business meetings and conversations can be carried out without the risk of confidential information being overheard. You can fly with people you know and trust. You can be contacted at any time, and be able to do meetings 35,000 ft in the air. Many studies have shown that productivity on business aircraft is actually higher (20% more) than in the office.

6) Luggage

With a private jet charter there are less weight restrictions compared to scheduled airlines, and you’re allowed to take more luggage in the cabin with you.

You can even bring your beloved pet on-board a private jet charter, so that they don’t have to be stored below in the cargo like commercial airlines, subject to take off and landing regulations which we will arrange.

No need to wait for luggage at the end of your flight.


Ground Staff Ready And Waiting For Your Luggage

A private jet charter enables you to bring expensive sports equipment such as skis, golf clubs or musical instruments. These can all be safely secured in the hold with no risk of damage or getting mixed up with passengers equipment.

Another benefit is that you wont have to wait around to collect your luggage once you arrive. We have many clients who charter a jet for the ease of taking their equipment whether it’s for business or pleasure.

7) Entertainment

Another key benefit to private jet charter is that it has a much superior choice of in – flight entertainment and catering.

Many of the private jets come equipped with all the latest satellite communications, including wi-fi and blue tooth as well as iPod connections, DVD, and CD players. You can finally keep the children entertained on long flights.


In-Flight Entertainment

On a private jet you can choose your own freshly prepared gourmet meals prepared by aviation catering specialist. There is no waiting around for your meals on a private jet, your flight attendant will cater to all your needs and serve food and drinks at a time that suits your party.


Private jets are no longer just a luxury for the rich and famous but they are an important tool for businesses and leisure travellers fed up with terrible service, flight delays and lost luggage by low cost airlines. 

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