Helicopter Charter

Flying by helicopter avoids the stress and discomfort of road congestion and train delays, allowing you to arrive both in style and on time. It enables you to attend several meetings in one day, providing a cost-effective travel solution.

A  helicopter charter is perfect for a small group of people looking to make the most of their free time and arrive closer to their destination.


You can save more time by leaving from a departure point close to your office or home. The convenient advantage of a helicopter is that it has the ability to land or take off at airports, golf courses, private estates and anywhere where it’s safe, with the land owners permission.

Business Charter

When you charter a helicopter for a business meeting in the UK employees can plan and work en route. You’re in a safe and secure environment without the threat of anyone else listening to your conversation.

A helicopter flight from Manchester into the heart of London will take just 1 hour compared to the 2 hours 10 minutes by train. On arrival at Battersea Heliport a chauffeur car can be arranged to take you straight to your meeting.

Meeting your clients face to face has proven to be the best way to conduct business. In today’s business environment your company needs to respond quickly to any opportunity that presents themselves to your company. A helicopter flight will provide your company with a fast and flexible way to the ever changing demands.

Corporate Hospitality

Built around major sporting events around the world, corporate hospitality should be an essential part of your sales strategy. A private jet charter flight allows your company to entertain existing and potential clients in a wonderful environment.

These once in a lifetime sports events, gives your company the opportunity to create a positive image. Invest in a once in a lifetime experience, let us fly you and your guests to all the best events such as the Cheltenham Festival, British Grand Prix,  Royal Ascot and The Open Golf. We can also fly you to all the best golf courses by helicopter in the UK.


We only select modern twin-engine helicopters for your added safety and peace of mind. These aircraft are equipped with advanced navigation and safety systems. This allows you to fly in adverse weather and at night time, not possible on a single engine charter flight.


For more information please take a look at our helicopter charter FAQs