Hawker 400XP

The Hawker 400XP has been the product of choice for those requiring an optimum blend of comfort, cabin size, quality, performance and efficiency in a jet. This agile light aircraft is compact and able to take you to your chosen destination with ease.


The fastest jet in its class, the Hawker 400XP can shorten the duration of longer flights and is perfect for short trips, tailor-made for the time conscious traveller. Perfect aircraft for flight from Manchester to Barcelona. The interior configuration caters for up to seven passengers and provides more headroom than any other in its class, enabling passengers to move around freely as well as relax in comfort. You’ll have access to your luggage on board at the rear of the oversized cabin in the baggage area.

Features: Oval cross‐section and flat floor throughout the cabin. Increases passenger comfort by having a more natural sitting position and improves ability to stretch out and relax. Dual‐zone temperature controls for cockpit and cabin. Large galley area for hot and cold refreshments throughout the journey. Ample and versatile baggage storage inside the cabin where it is heated and pressurised.  Swept wing for high cruise speeds that provide for very competitive charter costs and reduced journey times.