Dassault Falcon 900

The 900’s 1,264-cubic-foot, 33-foot-long, flat-floor cabin is still one of the best ever designed for all-around utility. It’s comfy. It’s pressurized to maintain a sea-level cabin to 25,000 feet and that’s great for beating back jet lag.

Both the Falcon900dx and EX fly 8334km non stop, the furthest in its class. Range of 8 hours 30 minutes. With the classic tri-jet engine design, these jets can use small airports at high altitudes, even on hot days.

A state-of-the-art cabin provides 24 panoramic windows supplying natural light and three defined areas for work, rest and dining. A traditional cabin layout features a galley opposite the main entry, a small forward closet, a forward club-four grouping of larger executive seats bifurcated with folding sidewall tables, then four narrower seats arrayed around a hi-lo conference table across the aisle from a credenza/entertainment centre. Aft of that through an optional pocket door is a three-place, side-facing divan with berthing top that converts into a bed across the aisle from an executive workstation.

Behind that is the lavatory with another small wardrobe closet and through the lavatory passengers can access the heated 127-cubic-foot baggage compartment in flight. The external baggage door incorporates a step for easy loading. Otherwise, it is airy, light and elegant. Depending on the cabin layout you select, you can accommodate 11 to 14 passengers plus three crew members.

The tri-engine Falcon 900 EX long-range jet dependably crosses deserts and oceans non-stop. It can take off and land safely on even short runways and offers you every imaginable comfort, to satisfy your most exclusive personal wishes. It is equipped in the passenger cabin with up to five full-fledged sleeping accommodations.


AirShow, CD player, Convection oven, Dishware, DVD player, Enclosed lavatory, Espresso machine, Flight attendant available, Full galley, Glassware, Ice bin, iPod Station, Kitchen sink, Lavatory, Lavatory sink, Leather seats, Linens, Microwave oven, Pets allowed, Power outlet, Satellite phone, Smoking allowed, Vacuum toilet.