Cessna Citation CJ3

Today‘s CJ3 began with everything that made the series a phenomenal favorite, then took the concept higher, farther and faster than ever before. And in a big way. Should you require a slightly longer range aircraft or maybe just a speedy arrival time, choosing to fly the CJ3 will deliver performance and efficiency.


Onboard you will find an increased sense of relaxation with extra leg room and deep cushioned reclining leather seats for a heightened level of support. When the time is right you and the other five passengers can make use of the convenient centre style configuration for meetings.

Prepare yourself for a larger aircraft, more powerful engines, longer wings, more spacious interior, added standard features, and with Proline 21 category‘s most advanced flight deck, ever.

You can fly non-stop from Teterboro to Martha’s Vineyard and it performs well in challenging airports such as Aspen, Colarado.

Full Refreshment Center, Fully Enclosed Aft Lavatory, Range: 1,889 nm | 3,500 km, Certified Ceiling: 45,000 ft | 13,716 m, Passenger Capacity: 6+1, Baggage Capacity: 65 ft³ | 1.8 m³