Citation XL/XLS

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

The Citation XLS is one of the world’s most popular business jets. With a luxurious seating capacity of eight or nine passengers and an excellent short field performance the Citation XLS is the perfect mid-size aircraft for flights around Europe and Northern Africa.

The XLS has one of the largest cabins and spacious luggage capacities in its class making it perfect for both business and leisure travel. The XLS is luxuriously configured with a refreshment centre including a fully stocked bar and an enclosed private washroom located at the rear of the aircraft.

The advanced noise insulation ensures your flighty is peaceful, whilst the mid size cabin provides ample capacity and stand up room for up to eight passengers.

Popular Routes

Manchester to Serbia and London to Malaga are routes that are well within the capabilities of this aircraft with a full load of passengers.


110V Outlet, AirShow, Dishware, Enclosed lavatory, Flight phone, Freon air conditioning, Glassware, Ice bin, Lavatory, Lavatory sink, Leather seats, Microwave oven, Satellite phone, Smoking allowed.